Saturday, July 13, 2019

How does God view you?

It was interesting reading this morning.  About Jonah and whether or not his anger was justified.  About King David and what others thought of him.

I was also reading about the perception of one person from another.  That they had the wrong idea of what they were viewed as.

But altogether its something more...what does God see when He sees us?  I know that in Christ, the Father sees Jesus when He looks upon believers.  To those who are not, He sees sinful men and women.

When we who are believers sin what does He see?  Do we see what He sees? 

The example that I read was of Judas and his remorse over betraying Christ.  He didn't repent, but died alone in a field.  Peter betrayed Christ and his remorse turned to repentance. 

I am by no means saying that I have arrived, but, if I am honest, I don't react to sin like I should.  As the writer I was reading had said, remorse isn't enough. Judas had remorse but no repentance.

Jonah had anger but did he have a right to be angry?  We are told that we can be angry but to sin not. Do not let the sun go down on our anger.  I think it's because the seeds of bitterness get planted.  We add blindness to the situation and then are reacting rather than acting.

It's as bad as worrying, anger is.  Worry is a concern with no direction. Prayer is a concern with a direction.  Anger on our part is mostly our no longer being in control of a situation. 

We like to think we are in control.  But to be a Disciple means our teacher is in control. 

So what do you think of your view of you?  We don't see a whole picture of us. God does.  He sees both the way we are, the way we will be as well as every step in between.  For those who are not saved, He either sees how close they are to being saved or that they never will be because they choose not to and will not.

It's just some thoughts this morning.  Am I as sensitive to my sin as I should be? Absolutely not.  God's Grace covers but repentance is necessary too.

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