Thursday, July 18, 2019

What God Desires...

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Your relationship with God ought to bring you more joy, satisfaction, and pleasure than any other relationship, activity, or material possession you have. Scripture exhorts you to delight yourself in the Lord, finding your greatest pleasure in God and the things dear to His heart. How can you find pleasure in what God enjoys? Only as you spend time with Him will you begin to take delight in the things God loves. As you spend intimate time with God and allow Him to show you your situation from His perspective, you will begin to see things as God sees them. As you adjust yourself to God, your heart will begin to desire the same things God's heart desires. When you pray, you will find yourself asking for the very things God desires. Matters foremost on God's heart will be preeminent in yours. Your first request in prayer will not be for yourself, but for God's name to be exalted and His kingdom to be extended (Matt. 6:9–10).
- Blackaby

If you look back on your life, as I often do with my own, hopefully you can see the fingerprints of God.  That you see where He's done things in your life.  That you see where the impossible has happened. 
If not, stop and consider it!

All too much of this world wants us to delight in it. In adventures, in movies, in celebrities, sports or sports figures.  Everything can have the potential of drawing us away from delighting in the Lord.

Our delights should be the same as His. Not the other way around.  The only way that can happen is spending more than a Sunday morning with Him.  More than a brief thanks for a meal. 

A good example is what leads me to write this blog.  Time in my Bible Plan. Time reading what other Godly men have written.  Time.

We will never know everything about God, yet we know we can get huge glimpses through His Word.  King David was called a man after God's own heart.  Read Psalms.  Look at everything that was on his mind.  Look at the emotions.  Look at his heart!  Abraham was called a friend of God.  What makes a good friend in God's eyes?

We are distracted by so many things.  Yet like in Jesus's admonition regarding Mary and Martha, those who intentionally spend time with Jesus will not have that taken away from them.  The greater thing for us isn't hours in front of a TV. The greater thing isn't a football game.  The greatest thing is time with Jesus.

It's sad how people can't find the time to be with Jesus yet have season tickets to games.  They have an all-pass for a movie theater yet don't have the time to open their Bible.  They have even allowed all the activities of their kids in school to take the place of time with God.  Their busy lives have no room for Jesus. 

What did Jesus DO, not just SAY?  "Come, let us get away from the crowds..."

Even constantly doing church work can be a distraction from spending time with Jesus.  Yes it can if it's taking you away from true time with Jesus!  Again, look at Mary and Martha.  What was the one doing?  She was doing work around the place, in her eyes, for Jesus! 

Time with Jesus will help you understand more things than you realize.  You open up your heart, He discloses His to you.
You ask for understanding, He opens your eyes to see. You ask for His wisdom and thinking becomes clearer.

You just sing praise to Him and sometimes He opens up the Heavens while you do and you find yourself singing directly to Him.  You can see into Heaven.
It actually happened to me yesterday.  Philips, Craig and Dean song called the Revelation Song. Was going through my head in parts. So I called it up on my playlist.  I had a moment between running tests and closed my eyes and tilted my head upward.  In my mind, I could see my hands uplifted and in my heart was singing that song up to my King.  It was awesome! I could see the Heavens open!
I really didn't want to go back to work after that.

So consider your life.  What is really important to you?  Many preachers are trying to get the Church back to what it was in the book of Acts, well that will only happen when people go back to putting God first.

In the Old Testament, many times, many many times, they were ordered to cast out the idols that were among them.

Isn't it time you did the same?  What's ensnared your heart and mind to keep you too busy to get to know your Savior? 

Cast it away.  Return to obedience.  Return and as it says in Scripture, there's more rejoicing in Heaven over one who repents....

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