Sunday, November 3, 2019

Amazed and Astonished

It's not with a heavy heart, but one of astonishment, amazement, with shocking clarity, things that used to be hidden to me in the Scriptures no longer are.

I ask Jesus questions and it's very apparent that He loves to answer.  I struggle at times with the clarity of the answers though.  I do not consider myself as anything.  In many ways I think along the same lines as Paul, when he mentions how by everything humanly seen, he was disqualified to be in the position God put him.  I fail God every day, yet His mercies are new each morning, as promised. His forgiveness is instantaneous. He remembers my sins no more.  He doesn't want me wallowing in sadness because of how I failed Him, but rather to take the opportunity to rejoice in Him in all things. 

This relief in my Spiritual walk has been astonishingly profound.  My stress levels have crashed.  It takes quite a bit these days to get me to a point of being stressed.  His peace is that powerful!

With that much stress out of the way, with simplifying my life of 'things' and getting rid of bad priorities, it's opened up my mind to understanding things like people and the Bible in ways that I never considered before.  It's amazing how when we trust and obey He gives more.

Some, undoubtedly will disagree with me, but the more Jesus reveals, the more I can see it's true, world history isn't missing from the Bible after the 66 books were written.  It's still there in black and white.  

There's an old saying. Ignore the past and be doomed to repeat your mistakes in the future.  Israel is replete with times and seasons of repeating it's mistakes. Rachel weeping for her children for they are no more.  It has been seen multiple times in history of this happening.  Not just the incident of Jezebel.  

Or people deny the Holocaust.  Yet I believe that it's still written about in Jeremiah.  A fact of this Universe, as God has declared, no one can do anything to His chosen people without His permission.  Hitler, much like Nebuchadnezzar, or any other world leader, is put in their place in history by God's design and purpose.  Scripture says He establishes kings and removes them. Hitler is no different.  It's a painful truth but as I have stated, I ask Jesus questions and He often answers.  I asked about the Holocaust.  Within a few days, He brought me to the Scriptures where yes it's written about it.

As I have said earlier, I do not consider there being anything within myself that makes me special in God's eyes other than what He's put there.  Namely the Holy Spirit.  Scripture records that Jesus said the Paraclete, the one like Him, the Holy Spirit, would bring to remembrance things He spoke of AND teach us all things. 

Growing up, I was blessed to learn the value of electronics, more specifically, amplifiers and microphones.  The technical phrase is Sound Reinforcement. 
Yet equally so, I was blessed to learn the value of silence. Of being far removed from the noise of the city and to really enjoy it.

As I grow older, I realize that even within the city, I still need to remove noise.  The noise of too many priorities. The noise of things like television or sports. These things are becoming less and less important to me.  There's no Godly value in them.  They take my time and attention away from Jesus, if you want me to be blunt.  I have found that the more I focus on listening and understanding Jesus the more it seems that He enjoys talking and sharing.  

Focus your life on Jesus and take your time and attention off this world and see what He will do with you.  To be blunt, Jesus doesn't care about sports. Or theme parks or movies. His being on the cross had nothing to do with football or baseball or any other sport.  His being on the cross was the beginning of the end of this world.  A new Heaven and new Earth are in our future.  An eternity spent with Jesus is in our future.  It's amazing how much your priorities change when you know someone special is going to visit.  Jesus wants that place in your life.  Does He have it?

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