Thursday, November 7, 2019

Where are you?

This morning I am sitting here with my coffee, considering all the words that I have heard in the reading and preaching that I have heard in the last 12 hours.  Well, the preaching last night plus the reading of this morning.  

Some things that I have been directed to write in days past seem to be brought back to my mind as well.  Things about how my personality has been changed by God. 

I remember back to our Sunday School class concerning Jonah.  Jonah heard clearly the Word of God yet ran the other way.  Why?  Because it conflicted with the hate in Jonah's heart for the people the Lord was wanting to spare.  Jonah was a very passionate person.  Yet had the hardest time letting go of hate.  Like a flailing child having a tantrum in a public place, the Lord Jesus had to confine him in order to get him to see things from His perspective.  Even that wasn't quite enough.  The old Jonah came out a few more times. 

We are really not so different.  We know that God has spoken yet we would rather argue through other people, rather than in prayer to Jesus, about His methods and plan.

We can't be mad at God can we??

Wake up and smell the coffee.  Yes you can be. 

Admit the truth of your heart.  Many others in Scripture found themselves mad at God.  They were proven wrong but they were mad at Him. 

The patience of God astounds me to no end.  Where I would have given up on me, He refuses.  Where I would chastise me greatly, He offers healing to me. Where I get upset over everything that is contrary to my thoughts of how things should be, He shows loving patience. 

So many times we take out that anger at God on things and the people around us whom God put there to help us.  In a book '90 Minutes in Heaven' the story of the miraculous journey of a Pastor who survived a horrific crash, such outbursts were part of even him.

My dear reader, let go. Let go of whatever it is that is robbing you of your peace and embrace what Jesus is telling you to do. 

I also would highly recommend you asking those whom you have affronted with your outbursts for forgiveness.  You shouldn't be that way towards the messengers of God sent to help in His Plan for you. 

We are terrible at changing.  Most likely we have all heard the phrase 'change is inevitable'.  Considering that we sit in heated or cooled places, casually drinking a beverage at our whim rather than walking miles with a hand carved bucket to get water for that, in inclimate weather, change has happened. 

We have no right to complain to God about His choice of how to heal our wounds or on how He is moulding our lives to be more like Him. 

Look at Scripture. Does the thing being made have a right to ask the Potter, What are you doing?

Yes, at times things are going to be painful.  Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

Life is going to be full of ups and downs.  

God offers peace that the world cannot comprehend.  But it comes through obedience.  It comes through trusting the Potter.  A painting only becomes a masterpiece when the Master is allowed to do what the Master needs to do.

You cannot love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and Spirit if you are mad at Him for what He is doing in your life.  Obey and it will go better with you!

Jesus said to go understand what this means that He desires obedience over sacrifice. 

So how are you doing?  Wondering why your world is full of anxious thoughts and outbursts of anger?  Stop and be real with yourself.  Are you really mad at God?  We have no right to tell Him that His ways don't work for us.  The Disciple does what the Disciple is told, period, or that person isn't a Disciple. 

It's time to get yourself right with God again my reader. It's time.  Oh, Jonah lost that argument too. 

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