Thursday, November 14, 2019

Without Reason

In as much as my time with Jesus in the Word is always fruitful, as it is this morning.  A single phrase keeps returning to my mind. 'Without reason'. 

Was listening to some sermons that I downloaded yesterday.  In them John MacArthur starts with and only stays in God's Word to share about the sufficiently of Scripture.  Of why we struggle so much with trying to live by God's truth in a post truth world.  Then comes Scripture itself.  Where we are warned against casting our pearls before swine.  There's warnings of being careful of when and where to make a defense because people will turn on you.  Knowing when is crucial. 

Without reason seriously describes our world today.  Some call it chaos.  Some are so blinded by raging evil passions that they cannot think logically.  There is no reasoning with them. 

Scripture was never caught off guard.  Scripture says that in the last days it would be like this.  People being lovers of themselves.  Look it up. Haters of good. 
It's in there.  These are the times in which we live.  Right now.  As MacArthur pointed out when asked about God entering into judgment against the United States.  As he aptly pointed out, it began in the early 1960's when both the Church and the nation began accepting the turning away from obeying God's fundamental laws.  Look at our nation today.  To stand in God's truth brands you as perpetrating a hate crime. Punishable by heavy fines and jail time.  To injure a 'protected' animal will get you heavy fines and jail time. Try defending the unborn human beings being murdered daily and you will be the one facing jail time and fines.  Animals have a greater right to live in this nation than human babies. 

Without reason.  It makes no rational sense.  A man is duly elected.  It's legitimate.  Yet for 3 years other elected officials strive to find a way to remove him from office.  He's ruining their chaos!  They were on the brink of controlling the population.  He gave the people back what had been taken.  Unlike others before him he can't be bought.  Yet they strive, without reason. 

To stand up for God's truth always was going to put the believer in the crosshairs of Satan.  The personal assault on their soul, the assault through people on their character and integrity knows no bounds. 
Yes we are safe in Jesus's hands but we are by no means going to live a 100 percent peaceful life in this world.  Jesus said that to follow Him will mean trials and temptations.  It was going to happen.  A young sapling cannot become a deep rooted strong tree if it doesn't face storms. 

What is there to do?  I confess this part is where my own rubber meets the road.  As Spurgeon was pointing out this morning as well as Blackaby, prayer is everything to the believer.  No matter where, no matter when or no matter what it's about, we need to be praying.  

We are the worst these days at distractions.  Either as believers we stick our heads in the sand and refuse to believe things are as bad ad they are or we have our necks stretched out waiting for the attack.  

Realize you are one or the other.  Those who wait for the attack are anticipating and expecting God's provision and intervention.  Those with their heads in the sand just hope to get through life as unscathed as possible. 

I found it amusing at the beginning of Macarthur's sermons that he mentioned how old he was and how long he had been in Pastoral ministry.  I was amused because of a joke that I had heard some time ago.  Of why an old man was always speaking his mind.  He said if I don't now there might not be a later on to say it. 

The boldness that comes from a life spent with Jesus is incredible.  You can tell boldness from acting bold. There are others on television who act it and claim to be preachers.  Yet their personal lives don't reflect it. 

So where is this going?  Keep in prayer.  Keep striving.  We are GOING to get knocked down in this life.  It's GOING to happen.  As a Tobymac song goes...get back up again.  As many times as it takes.   It's going to be hard.  Believe me, I know. 
Get back up again.  Stand for a while but never stop praying.  We battle not against flesh and blood.  It's deception and lies in this world.  We can't live for Jesus one day a week and go do what feels good the rest of the time. Remember this battle is coming to a head.  Soon Jesus will return. 
Then the Spiritual war will certainly be coming to the physical world. 

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