Friday, November 1, 2019

We will never see what God sees

We often wonder why...but in light of what Jesus knows...we haven't got a clue. 

If your frustration is growing.  Then it's time to question your reasons for going the direction you are bent on going.  More often than not it's us who doesn't know the truth of things. 

We can be a stubborn lot.  Either for God or for ourselves.  Throughout the Bible, Jesus calls such 'stiff necked'.  Has gone as far as to make comparisons with iron.  People resisting change that God is bringing about. 

When life isn't going your way, are you getting upset, withdrawn, depressed?  Or are you actively seeking answers from God?  There's a big difference between actively seeking and praying when you feel like it.  Odds are you won't ever be feeling like it.  Are you spending hours not seeking the wisdom of God or are you clinging to the feet of Jesus until He responds?  

I have been at both ends of this.  Both extremes.  There have also been times when I had no choice but to look to Jesus for the answers that I could not find. Admitting that I don't know is ok with Jesus. Where He leads me I am to follow.  If He says not to go or do, then I am to obey.  

We don't need to know everything about everything in our lives.  If we really knew it would probably scare us beyond belief. 

A man has a conversation with God. 

He begins by asking if it's ok to ask Him a question.  

God says yes. Ask.

He asks God to promise not to get mad at the question he wants to ask.

God promises He won't be mad. 

The man asks where was He today when everything went so wrong?

The man lists many things that didn't go right at all. 

When he finished, God told him more that he could see.  The truth was much deeper than he knew.  Although the observations of the man were right, they were also wrong.  God explains each one.  And in the end the man is very humbled.  All he can think to do is thank Him for the day.  

You see, we have to be open to God's leading, to His plans and purpose.  A Disciple mimics the Master, a Disciple doesn't tell the Master what or how it's going to be. If the Master says to let go, then the Disciple is to do just that. 

Trust and Obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to Trust and Obey.

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