Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What do people see in You?

“In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.’”Zechariah 8:23 

God's desire is to fill His people with His Spirit so that others recognize His powerful presence in them. The presence of the Lord in a believer's life ought to be obvious. When the Spirit of Almighty God fills a believer, the believer cannot go on living as before. Others will see God. God told His people through the prophet Zechariah that His presence ought to make a difference in their lives. If God's people walked closely with Him, people from every language and every part of the world would hear that they were a people who knew God. People would come from every nation on earth to find the true God among His people. If the people saw a child of God, they would long to be with him or her because in so doing they would be with God. God gave the vivid picture of ten people clinging to one believer, hoping to find God. Christ's presence ought to be so evident in your life that the people around you are drawn to you. 
  - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Before I began reading this morning, I asked God aloud, "So, what message are you bringing today?"

What you read above has much to do with it.   The scope of your life covers much. 

What DO people see when they see you?

Honestly, truthfully, they certainly see something.  Do they see a Christ follower or do they see something else?

Some don't believe their life should be looked at so seriously.  Their faults are just part of who they are, of what makes them who they are.  In a sense, they are right, yet they are also wrong.  Our lives as believers should reflect Christ.  Not us.
In us, without Christ, it's darkness and sin.

Do people shun you because of how you are or do they want to get to know you?

Don't be surprised if many shun you.  Most people in our culture and world today hate any form of negativity.  The more common cop-out phrase is being a 'hater'.  It's said to get you to change your beliefs and behavior.  To get you to leave them alone in their level of darkness. 

Jesus faced haters in His ministry. 

He told you to expect the same.  If they, the world, hated Him, they will hate you. 

Question to think about is DOES enough of Christ richly dwell within you that the world doesn't like you?   This isn't to say you shouldn't still show the love of God.  He still did and does.  But it also doesn't excuse us from telling the truth, that without Christ people are going to Hell. 

Don't live in such a way as to be so neutral that people don't want what you have in Christ.   Jesus also had a term for that. "Lukewarm."  Think about that word.  It's not just symbolism, it's truth.  A lukewarm beverage or meal is beyond less than appealing. It's terrible.  Jesus said He would spit that out.  Where does that go? On the ground to be walked on and not respected. 

Jesus spoke along the same lines with regards to salt. If salt has lost its saltiness, it's only good for being tossed out and trampled underfoot by men. 

Do people see Jesus when they see you?
Or do they see an idol worshipper disguised as a Christian?  Do you go about your day displaying your passion for everything BUT Jesus in your life?

Do you spend hours talking to others about worthless things or do you at all talk to others about the things of God?  Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  

Remember that earlier post of when the Lord accused His people of not remembering Him?  In the last week of reading that same book, the Lord showed them just how He was going to remedy that problem. 

Is the favor of the world more important to you than the favor of God?

I live in an idolatry filled city.  Any college or university town is like that.  You are either onboard with holding that team high on a pedestal or you are the enemy.  Most leave no room for anything in the middle.  They will stay up late to watch their team yet will choose not to go worshipping the following morning because that game was more important to them.  'Oh, God will understand.'  Yes, He always does.  He understands your love is divided.  You have forgotten your first love.  Which is Jesus Christ. He spoke on that too.

So be real here.
Be real right now.

What do people see when they see you?

Are you a reflection of the light of Christ or do they see darkness?  Jesus is the light of the world.  There is no other light.  Either His light is shining or there is no light. 

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