Saturday, October 31, 2020

Oh to Return Dear Reader

Renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 ESV

 Backsliders, if there is any spark of life left in them, will groan for restoration. This renewal requires the same exercise of grace as our conversion. We needed repentance then; we certainly need it now. We needed faith at first to come to Christ; only the same grace can bring us to Jesus now. Then, we wanted a word from the Most High, something from the lips of the loving One to end our fears; we will soon discover, when under a sense of present sin, that we need the same word now. None of us can be renewed without as real and true a manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s energy as we felt at first, because the work is just as great—and flesh and blood are just as much in the way now as they ever were. Dear Christian, let your personal weakness compel you to pray earnestly to God for help. Remember, when David felt himself to be powerless, he did not fold his arms or close his lips but ran to the mercy seat saying, Renew a right spirit within me. Don’t let the doctrine that says you can do nothing on your own depress you and make you sleep; let it be a goad in your side, driving you with an exceeding earnestness to Israel’s strong Helper. Oh, that you might have grace to plead with God, as if you were pleading for your very life: Renew a right spirit within me. The one who sincerely prays to God for this will prove his or her honesty by using the means through which God works. Pray much; spend much time in the Word of God; kill the desires that have driven your Lord from you; be careful to watch over the future stirrings of sin. The Lord has His own appointed ways; sit by the side of the road, and you will be ready when He passes by. Continue in all those blessed ordinances that will foster and nourish your dying graces and, knowing that all power must come from Him, don’t stop crying, Renew a right spirit within me.
- C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

We live in an information age. It's everywhere literally at your fingertips.  Powerful artificial intelligence drive search engines for Bing, Google and others to tell you the answers to what you want to know.  But who seeks after God?  People readily believe a search results list but don't look to the Bible for the real why to their questions. 

Renew a right spirit within me.  

We live in a world demanding conditional tolerance. Those living in sin demand that those living for Jesus tolerate their sin and say nothing to them about their sin or its considered hate speech.  You must accept them but they don't have to accept you. They are the protected who are allowed to berate and harass you. 

As someone posted recently again on Facebook, Satan no longer needs to disguise himself, he freely roams around and nobody sees him.

Return and renew a right spirit within me. 

Many love to quote passages that say that if if we but humble ourselves and turn to God that He will heal their land. 

Those people and others aren't remembering the rest of who God is.  This nation is perhaps 2nd in the world at the shedding of innocent blood.  Read what Jeremiah says on that.  It enrages the Lord.

Look at what the Bible says about the widow and the orphans. He's opposed to those who neglect them. 

Look at what He says, and NEVER has retracted, about the fate of homosexuals.  

People want to embrace every positive statement about God yet neglect to remember His a God of righteousness and justice.  Grace, which means unmerited favor is bestowed upon those who believe.  Favor from God that we don't and have never earned.  Mercy is not getting the judgment for what we do deserve. 

People do not tell God to get off of His Throne, because that's their seat. 

Each day our prayers should include to please renew a right spirit within me.  People who even lead Churches in this nation are teaching falsehoods and people are accepting it.  Scripture says that in the last days people will accumulate for themselves teachers who will tell them what they WANT to hear.  Not have teachers who say what they NEED to hear. 

Renew a right spirit within me.   I need my relationship with Jesus. If I have all the money in the world and have not that, I have nothing.  Read the story of Howard Hughes and how he died.  The man had the money to go anywhere, do anything, legal or illegal--and he did.  He died horribly alone. 

The things of this world blind us to the truth about God.  We get taught to embrace that God is love and won't really send people to Hell. That He would never cast judgment against a nation that has Christian people in it.  Ignore the past and be doomed to repeat it in the future.  Read the New Testament in the right context. What you read is the scattering of people who were Christians across the world because of persecution. Countries with Christian people in them.  Those Christians were persecuted.  Today is no different, it's just that now it's in your face because of social media. 

Renewing a right spirit within you keeps you where you should be before your God.

Renew means taking the time, daily, to be in the Bible.  To be with Jesus, to be spending time with Jesus in prayer. 

Just what lies about life have you allowed yourself to believe?  Trust me, you have. 
Everyone has.  The only way to see is to renew a right spirit within you by the work of the Spirit of God. 

Most refuse to believe that a nation that calls itself a Christian nation could fall under the wrath of God. Go read in the Bible of the times, many times, the nation of Israel was brought down to being a remnant.  Read of the Babylonian captivity.  Who controlled Israel in the year that Jesus was born?

Renew a right spirit within me today, please, Lord Jesus. Please. 

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