Sunday, February 28, 2021

Great Expectations

And they were greatly amazed in themselves beyond measure, and marveled. MARK 6:51 

Canada has suffered its share of natural disasters in recent years, prompting the Canadian Red Cross to begin a preparedness program to help schoolchildren deal with sudden crises. The slogan is “Expect the Unexpected.” In the Gospels, the disciples were often left slack-jawed and wide-eyed at Jesus’ behavior, His words, and His miracles. When He healed the paralytic in Mark 2, for example, “all were amazed and glorified God, saying, ‘We never saw anything like this!’ ” (v. 12). They learned to expect the unexpected when they were with Him. If you’re a disciple, you’re learning to expect the unexpected, for we never know what Christ is going to do next for us, in us, around us, or through us. It’s an exciting, adventuresome way to live. Discipleship is an experience that dispels boredom and keeps the Christian looking up in amazement. Expect Him to answer your prayers and to overrule the problems of your life and cause all things to work together for good. Expect Him to open doors, create opportunities, meet your needs, and bless your efforts. Say with the psalmist, “My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him” (Psalm 62:5). - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

What do you expect?  A simple question yet depending on each inflection in the use of the English language it means something different.   

In Christ we who believe and try to obey the Word of God should indeed have expectations from God.  Faith without works is dead the Scriptures say.  Faith without the evidence to show it was acted upon as faith is worthless. What's the point in saying that you believe if you aren't living like you believe?

Look at your life.  So you are stressed and can't sleep.  Just what have you done WITH Christ about it?  It isn't about pills to take, montras to chant. It isn't about even praying a specific special prayer.  The only dumb question to ask is the simple question.  Have you gone to prayer, STAYED in prayer until an answer came?

We are, for several generations, been a microwave society. We want answers before the echo of asking the question dies.  Look at the Bible. Countless lessons from the Lord Jesus Christ on the necessity of patience in waiting on God's Plan for you.  

Prayer without expectations is nothing more than worrying.  All in vain, all useless to the person in that state of mind. 

If you are a child of God, why are you still enthralled by the world?  Why is this place more important that your home in Heaven?  The only Plan of God is the saving of souls.  Satan throws everything PHYSICAL in our way to distract us from God's Plan.  It is no coincidence that mankind does what he or she does to enjoy sin. It's because they are not of God.  Sin separates people from God.  Sin hinders the life of the believer.  Sin gets in the way of expecting from God.

The greatest issue with the world today is what is called refusing to repent.  Both the believer and unbeliever are guilty of the same.  Revival comes when repentance happens.  That's the expectation of repenting.  That God is going to do something spectacular. 

The expectation of a fervent prayer is that much will be accomplished.  Scripture says so.

What are you expecting from God?  Your wants and desires or are you expecting Him to enable you to reach others?  You cannot expect God to give you what is important to you if you aren't about the Father's business.  He is the perfect parent.  He does not reward disobedience by giving what the person disobeying wants. 

Look at your life today are you living for Jesus or for you? Remember an earlier post.  There's one Throne in your heart. Who is on it?

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