Monday, February 8, 2021

Will you be Called? Or will you be Here?

Will You be Called? Or will You be Here?

Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here.” 

Revelation 11:12 Without considering these words in their actual context (that is, of the two prophets of Revelation), let us regard them as the invitation of our great Forerunner to His sanctified people. In time, there will come a loud voice from heaven, saying to every believer, “Come up here.” To saints, this should be the subject of joyful anticipation. Instead of dreading the time when we will leave this world to go to the Father, we should yearn for the hour of our emancipation. Our song should be— My heart is with Him on his throne, And ill can brook delay; Each moment listening for the voice, “Rise up and come away.” “My Soul, Amid This Stormy World,” Robert C. Chapman (1837) We are not called down to the grave, but up to the skies. Our heaven-born spirits should long for their native air. Still, the heavenly summons should be the object of patient waiting. God knows best when to tell us, “Come up here.” We must not wish to rush the time of our departure. I know that strong love will make us cry, O Lord of Hosts, the waves divide, And land us all in heaven. “Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above,” Charles Wesley (1759) But patience must have her perfect work. God ordains, with His accurate wisdom, the most fitting time for His redeemed to live on earth. Surely, if there could be regrets in heaven, the saints might mourn that they did not live longer here to do more good. Oh, for more harvest for my Lord’s barn! More jewels for his crown! But how, unless there is more work? True, there is the other side of it—that, living so briefly, our sins are fewer. But, oh, when we are fully serving God, and He is giving us precious seed to sow and reap a hundred times more, we would even say it is good for us to stay where we are. Whether our Master says “go” or “stay,” let us be equally well pleased so long as He indulges us with His presence. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Not everyone will hear that call. 
Not everyone. 

Will you be one of them that hears on that day set by the Father for our time on Earth to be through?

Many are so blinded by the events of today, of the emotional turmoil of this world.  Of the blatant evil that calls itself good.  They can't see yet they try to proclaim truth.

The only truth that is eternally true is that which is found in the Bible. The Word was God the Word is God.  Jesus is the Word. 

Was reading in Matthew 24-25 this morning and Jesus was telling people of the time of His return.  In this devotional here today we read of His return.  My dear Reader, when God repeats Himself...listen. 

There's thousands every day contemplating suicide.  They don't see the hope only found in Christ Jesus.  They don't see the love with which He loved them to the point He died for them. 

In this hopeless world it must be said that you have to look outside this world to find Hope.  The light of Christ shines in the hearts of those who believe. 

If you haven't chosen to receive the free gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ, when that call comes to "Come up here!" You will be left behind with no recourse but to live through 7 of the worst years in human history. 

You think that there is cause for alarm at the dwindling hope that seems difficult to find in a world of judgement continually for 7 years will make now look like a fight in a playground. 

But it won't come to that!  Really? Did anyone really see 2020 coming?  Hmm? 
Did anyone adequately prepare for their rights to be taken from them by the Government?  Some may argue that it was necessary but this isn't a place for that debate.  The fact remains that it happened. In the Tribulation, everyone will have their rights trampled on. Everyone will be forced to worship a world leader. Not jusy like, or admire, worship.  Pledging allegiance to, publicly stating you would die for.  That kind of world is coming. 

But only if...only are not going to ask Jesus to save you...and you are still alive.  Many millions will die as collateral damage to the effect of the Rapture. 
Some world leaders will come up with a lie to cover up the truth of where a billion people or so vanished to.  

Today is the day you must know for sure that you are saved in Christ Jesus. 

Not this afternoon not tonight.  In the right here, right now, you need to settle that. 

You may not make it to work this morning. Thousands will die on the way to work this morning who thought they had today in front of them. 

Thousands are being admitted to hospitals not believing that they are on deaths doorstep.  They thought today was going to be so much different. 

Thousands are situated to commit suicide at this very second.  

Only a foolish person believes that death can be so far away that it can't be seen. 

The percentage of accidents within a mile of home is insane.  People beginning to let their guard down before arriving at what's supposed to be a place of safety.  Nobody expects it.

Nobody expected the skies to open on that day that Jesus told Noah and his family to get in the Ark. People saw the dark clouds and that was their only warning.  The Lord Jesus closed the door Himself. Nobody was getting in.  The dark clouds of evil in our day today are showing all the evidence you need to see that the time is at hand for the Lord Jesus to proclaim "Come up here!". 

Will you hear or will you be wondering what happened?

I implore any who have not chosen to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord to do so today.  

Know today that when that call comes that you will not be here, left behind. 

The dark clouds are forming. 
The skies are about to burst forth in Judgment.  
The dead in Christ will arise first. Rebuilt, glorified bodies. 
Those who remain who are alive in Christ will receive their own glorified bodies and will join Jesus in the air. 
Millions will die because of them who are taken.  
Worlds will be shattered because the life they thought they knew will be over.

Where will you be?

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