Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Have You Missed It?

Have You Missed It?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. MATTHEW 6:21 

A certain Muslim lived in a cottage on a hill. Every week he rode his camel to a little stream. And every week as the camel stopped to drink, it nosed up the pebbles in order to make a deeper place for drinking. Again and again, the Muslim picked up the bright stones the animal uncovered and took them home with him. One day a traveler told the Muslim of the easy comfort and riches that certain men in the city enjoyed; the traveler filled the Muslim’s eyes and heart with discontent. So he sold his cottage and wandered the earth looking for money. Finally he died in rags and poverty, and was buried. The man who bought the cottage found the stones and preserved them. One day a merchant came to his home and discovered that these well-preserved stones were diamonds. The owner of the diamonds immediately became a millionaire. The first man had great wealth but, being ignorant of it, sold it and traveled the world looking for it. The second man simply made use of what he had. All people have eternal life at their disposal. Some respond to this treasure like the first man, some like the second.- Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

It is often said some people can't see the point of something even if it were on the tip of their nose. 

So many miss out on the truths of this life because they are caught up in the bells n whistles, the bling and lights of advertised sin. 

They don't see what God says is truth. 
Adam and Eve listened to Satan's lie of what truth was. They saw exactly what he wanted them to see.

We are chips off that old block. We see what we want to see because of the sin which so easily entangles.  

We are quick to follow in Adam and Eve's footsteps in believing what feels good or might be beneficial.  

We can even be like that man who completely missed the treasure at his home that he didn't know he had.  All because we thought we wanted more than what was right before us.

There are all kinds of people in this world. Every one with their own ideas as to what is right and wrong.  With no standard to go by people do whatever.  Believe whatever they are told because they see no reason to question those whom they have always trusted, be it the news on television or political parties.  Trust is only rightly placed in the truths of God's Word.  All men and women can lie to you about what constitutes truth, but not God.  

Men and women strive for treasures here on Earth.  Truth is that's pointless. You die they stay here.  But they lived well while they had those riches!  You might say.  On the contrary, if they lived not for Christ as a believer in Jesus, that infinitesimal life of theirs in that ease and splendor is the best their eternity is going to be like.  Gold is asphalt in Heaven. It's pavement. It's of no value other than to be walked on.

Seeking a vibrant here and now life, but not having Salvation will leave you empty when you die.  You will still end up in Hell. 

Consider this, for all her accolades in her life. Of all who tried to be like her.  If even Mother Theresa wasn't truly saved she would end up in Hell.  If for all anyone's good deeds that are fantastic in their eyes that they think mean something to God, look again.  In Revelation it's clear that any and all works done by anyone in history that are done without being found in the Lamb's Book of Life, they are summarily found guilty.  Cast into the Lake of Fire. 

Not being saved, not knowing the treasure that you have the potential of knowing is as bad as the story of this man.  He was a millionaire and didn't realize it. Had he known the truth his eyes would have been opened.  

You, my Friend, have the opportunity to learn to live by coming to Christ for Salvation. You can finally see with eyes because of the light of Christ. Until you do you are wandering around in the dark.

Open your eyes by coming to Christ. 
Find out what you have been missing. 

All the treasures of this world are meaningless without knowing what real treasure is. 

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