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Admitting What You Don't Know is the Hardest Part

Admitting What You Don't Know is the Hardest Part 

Just as you do not know the path of the wind, and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes everything. Ecclesiastes 11:5

One of the greatest lies believed by man has been the subject of many a popular sitcom. Been the center of many a college and university. Been at the heart of many thousands of false religions. 

The belief that we know and understand the great and mighty mysteries of this Universe and have the right to write that purported truth how we see fit. 

Denial of truth is the worst kind mainly because in due time all doubt or false beliefs are absolved.  They disintegrate in the face of God's absolute truth. 

Many have tried to teach others that there are no absolute truths.  

There are those who teach others that God made mistakes. That evolution is real. That you can take drugs and have surgeries to become who your mind says you are.  

Here's an absolute truth. God did not make a mistake in how you were born. 

God did not allow you to be born in the wrong time period. 

God did not mistakenly make you a woman instead of a man. God did not make a mistake in making a man when instead of a woman. 

Satan wants to pervert all of God's absolute truths.  But in the end, when you stand before Christ, regardless of what you did to your body, you WILL stand before Christ as you were born. 

What about birth defects?  This one is a personal thing to me.  Most don't know that yes, I was born with a few.  Likely, unless I tell you, you won't know.  Scripture says that those with defects were not allowed in the Temple.  Does this imply that due to how I was born that somehow I am already rejected by God?  Absolutely not.  In Christ I am only seen as Christ is. The Father sees nothing but Jesus when He looks at me. Jesus took my place. 

Defects do not define you unless you do nothing concerning them.  Jesus uses all who are His in all the ways He sees fit.  

Paul's thorn in the flesh was very much considered to be a physical problem.  Interestingly enough if it was it indeed would have kept him out of any Temple or Synagogue based on his knowledge of the Old Testament.  

I have often gravitated towards books that tell of how God used people who were in accidents to reach others for Christ.  

I have also often wondered what my life would have been like had I not been born the way God designed me.  What would I have been like? What might have I accomplished?  Would it really have been different? 

In a quirky way I have a fond appreciation for the Star Trek the Next Generation Episode "Tapestry". In this, episode, an accident damages Picard's artificial heart. During the episode another character gives him a gift of going back in time to not have the reason for having that artificial heart in the first place.  Then he is brought back to his time only to find that his life was nothing like it had been. 

We may never know what might have been.  Jesus may or may not show us. Only He knows every minuet possibility in anybody's life of every possible outcome for every decision and indecision. 

Jesus, regardless of how anyone is physically made, made all for one purpose. To worship God.  The physical appearance and or limitations mean nothing in light of that. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. 

Everyone who has had surgeries or anything done to their bodies will see it all go back to what He designed them to be in that day. 

Jesus made no mistake concerning me or you.  He made me how I am in order to worship Him, to serve Him, in what He gives me to do.  Truth be known, He's gifted me with knowing a little of how different I might have been.  I would have been a more arrogant, self-centered individual.  I would likely have been vastly different than I am today in living for myself.  

You are a unique individual whom God loves wholly and completely as He created you.  You and I were born in sin and are in need of a Savior.  We do indeed live in a sin cursed world and have the effects of a sin cursed body.  But none of that supersedes God's power and work that can be in your life. 

I am as immersed as you in this world that wants vanity as the centerpiece of life.  To put self first.  To live for the moment.  Psalms 14 says that the fool says in his (or her) heart that there is no God.

All fools and all believers will stand before Christ.  We, in all reality according to Scripture, have no more than 1,007 years plus the time between now and that time period starting, until this Universe is gone. 

Selfish living is hardly going to make an impact for eternity in God's plan for mankind.  

Jesus loves you as He made you. Jesus cares about you where you are.  He's ready to come to your life and live with you and in you.  Christian's everywhere are never without the temptation to live for self.  To buy into the world's ideology.  Scripture says to run the race set before us. To run as though trying to win.  Says nothing about finding true rest from what evil's this world has until we are safe with Him.

There's so much power in just what is said in the opening words of Genesis. God said. God spoke. God saw it was good. 

Stop and consider what futile things you are pursuing. I am not going to tell anyone how they ought to be other than to stand on what God's Word says about it.  

I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me. Galatians 2:20

My purpose in life isn't to work towards retirement.  It isn't to waste money or time or resources to become something that doesn't work in what God wants of me.  We may have minutes to days to a few years until that 1,007 year time clock starts.  I have seen, read and heard many talk about praying for the hastening of the return of Christ.  When He returns is not going to be known until it happens. Why He returns is known.  The last person to be reached for Christ, outside of those who will adamantly refuse outside of the horrific conditions of the Tribulation, is the key.  So many countless millions of supposed Christians aren't trying to reach others for Christ. They are living for self instead.  They are the lukewarm people Jesus spits out of His mouth in Revelation.  Don't be fooled, sooner or later, that last individual will come to Christ. I imagine it will be bookends. Just as the thief on the cross had no life in front of him to serve and was still saved, so shall the last to be saved before the Rapture. 

Start living as God wants of you.  Start believing that you are who Christ made you to be and live for Jesus.  Turn away from sin to a true life in Christ and consider not whatever you think is holding you back. If you are living in obedience to God in joining Him in what He is doing, nothing will be impossible. 

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