Saturday, May 8, 2021

Your plans or God's Plan?

Your Plans or God's Plan?

“For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.” John 5:20 

Jesus, realizing that His role was that of a servant, never sought to initiate activity for the Father (Matt. 20:28). The servant never sets the agenda—the master does. The servant must be so alert to what the master is doing that whenever the master begins to move in a direction, the servant quickly joins him. Even the Son of God did not assume He knew the best thing to do in a situation. Instead, He looked to see the Father's activity and then joined Him. Jesus knew His Father so well that He was keenly sensitive to divine activity around Him, immediately recognizing His Father at work. It is possible for us to be so busy trying to bring God into our activity that we don’t even notice Him at work around us. He seeks to redirect our attention so that we might join Him, but we tend to be self-centered, evaluating everything by how it affects us. We must learn to view events around us from God's perspective. Then we will see our world very differently. When God brings someone across our path, we will look to see if God is convicting that person of his need for salvation. Perhaps God is comforting someone in her sorrow. God might be encouraging your friend as she faces a challenge. We will then adjust our lives to join God as He works in that person's life. We ought to live each day with tremendous anticipation as we look to see where God is working around us. As our eyes are opened to His activity, we will marvel at His great works. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

There's only one Plan that will come together in your life, and my Dear Reader, it isn't yours. 

We are told not to boast about tomorrow in Scripture. To not, well, proclaim we are going to do this or that, or go here or there.  Why? His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts than ours.  It can be quite deceptive to think and believe that this world is our oyster and it's up to us to go make life happen. 

Our world, by its sinful nature, is self-centered, self-serving, selfishness resonates in everything around us.  We, after we come to Christ, are to put obedience to God above all that our sinful hearts make a priority. 

For decades of my own life I have heard many Church leaders go on about a vision for the year or for their Church.  As you read at this opening excerpt, it's not our place to look to set those things.  It was never in the Disciples hands to set the mood or direction of the ministry of Jesus.  Jesus Himself wasn't setting the mood or direction of His own life. He was seeking the Will of His Father and looked for where His Father was working ALREADY. 

I have jokingly participated in those online things on Facebook about what era do you most fit in.  All the time it says the 50's and 60's.  Never does it ever say in the here and now. 

We who are in Christ are supposed to look to the Biblical examples of the Disciples.  We really should consider the reasoning of why there are 4 Gospel accounts.  When approaching a thought or idea on something it's best to look at it from different angles.  Jesus knew what He was doing in being that thorough on what was and what wasn't to be in the lives of Disciples. 

We aren't to just work till 'retirement age'. In Christ the only retirement plan is exiting this physical world and entering Heaven.  It's not about our indulgence in worldly things after we accumulate enough money or time to do so.  Find it in Scripture if you can.  But what does it say?  It contains grave warnings about those who think that their planning for the future means anything in light of God's Plans.  A rich man thought he was well off, was considering building larger barns for his wares. Scripture says he was a fool, that very night his life would be required of him.  Then who would get all his riches?

God's working in this world, as a believer, we are to emulate how we saw Jesus dealing with His Disciples.  Of how the Father was with Jesus.  Find where God is working and join Him. Not creating spiritual work, but join in the work of the Spirit.  Remember in Revelation it says clearly MANY will proclaim to Jesus they did this in His name and that in His name. He tells them to depart from Him, for He never knew them. Don't be one of those people. 

You who are in Christ have a part in the Plan of God. Pray about what that is about. Look for where the Father is working. See if the Spirit wants you to join in that moment.  

Today's are only going to be really fulfilling when you find yourself obeying.  Oh, and don't look for HUGE missions to participate in. Don't try to force God's work.  There are over 8 billion lives being orchestrated by God the Father right this very second. No chess game is won in 1 move.  Jesus already won at the cross. What we are involved in is the playing out of everything that must happen to fulfill Scripture. That every man will be without excuse before Jesus as to acceptance of Salvation or rejection of the same. 

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