Saturday, May 1, 2021

Where is Your Peace?

Where is Your Peace?

The fruit of the Spirit is . . . peace. 

To be spiritually minded, Lord God, is life and peace. You have called me to peace. Your Son leaves peace with me, His peace He gives to me; not as the world gives does He give to me. So I let not my heart be troubled, neither do I let it be afraid. You, the God of hope, fill me with all joy and peace in believing, that I may abound in hope by the power of Your Holy Spirit. I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that You are able to keep what I have committed to You until that Day. You will keep me in perfect peace, when my mind is stayed on You, because I trust in You. The work of righteousness will be peace, and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever. I will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. I listen to You and dwell safely, and am secure, without fear of evil. Great peace have I who love Your law. Thank You for the gift of Your peace and for the security and hope I find in You. 

GALATIANS 5:22; ROMANS 8:6; 1 CORINTHIANS 7:15; JOHN 14:27; ROMANS 15:13; 2 TIMOTHY 1:12; ISAIAH 26:3; ISAIAH 32:17–18; PROVERBS 1:33; PSALM 119:165 Dr. David Jeremiah Life-changing Moments with God 

We look everywhere, outwardly, from our souls for something to bring peace to our soul. 

We look for vacation spots, retreats related to or not related to a Church function.  We look to work done well as a form of peace. 

Everywhere but where Jesus said to look. 

Many seek peace in physical makeovers. 
Many in buying things to try to satisfy something they can't describe. 

Many face turmoil or stress and anxiety and are desperate for something to bring relief. 

All too many fail to see it where Jesus says to find it.

I know that I have.  I have been distraught over loved ones enduring things that I couldn't physically do a thing about. Have cried out to God about.  Seemingly finding silence.  Slowly, peace would come, but only after a time of really being real with myself and Jesus.  Being real means trusting Him with everything including the very life of the one that is the source of my lack of peace. 

We can easily become shell shocked over suddenly finding ourselves in distress.  I easily remember the first time that I was changing the oil on my Wife's new-to-her car.  So proud of all my arrangements with supplies and equipment.  Got it all done up. Turned the key and oil was spraying everywhere. There was nothing but shattered peace mixed with that oil.   In all my preparation I neglected to see if the o-ring from the old oil filter had come off.  I was extremely distraught over my apparent mistake until God showed me what it was. My mind had spiraled into a world of woe that I somehow had messed up her new car. 

In another case, many years ago, it had to do with what was to be a routine breast exam.  They found something in my Wife.  Options were talked about and a Plan was hatched.  I still remember the day she went into surgery and how I felt being forced to wait until she came out.  

In another it was when we faced our miscarriage. Finding peace in all these things was difficult. 

You may be facing something that to you is beyond what you think you can bear. 

In Christ it's a very big misconception that you won't be given more than you think you can handle.  Of course you will.  If you could handle it you would never rely on Christ for your needs. 

Prayer was a part of all three of those examples that I shared.  You who are in Christ will always face things that show you, not Jesus, that you are in need of what only He can provide.  

Peace that Jesus brings is going to be unique to your needs and you must believe that He will indeed bring it to you.  Once you've been given it, THEN,  you will be better equipped to help others that you WILL come across who are seeking it as well.  We aren't just saved in Christ only for Salvation, we are representing Christ to others. We are to take Christ and show others what we found in Him. 

You are well within your right to beg Jesus to keep His promise of His peace.  We need to also be real enough with ourselves to address what He will show us about ourselves.  To get peace means obedience.  They go hand in hand.  

Jesus loves unconditionally. He may appear silent but He's never left your side. He sometimes speaks when the moment calls for it. But never should you think that you have been left alone.  It quite possibly could be the most nerve wracking experience of your life.  Jesus does a LOT of Spiritual surgeries in our lives.  I still remember several excruciating times when He did some with me. 

Remind yourself of the things that are in what Dr. Jeremiah said today.  Remind yourself that Jesus DOES love you.  Remember to trust Him implicitly.  Even with the very life of what is causing your distress and pain.  They too are in His hands just as you are.  In Prayer He can go where you cannot, to the very...well...heart of the matter. 

Pray without ceasing wasn't a suggestion. 
Let go of what burdens you at the cross and seek others to pray with you.  

Peace will come. 

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