Sunday, May 30, 2021

As Time Runs Out

As Time Runs Out 
By David Brenneman 

Scripture says that God has set eternity in the hearts of man.  We seek n long for a time in which we cannot fully achieve in this life.  What we focus on becomes our life.  If you focus on getting ready for a race then you spend your time preparing for that day.  If you are focused on your walk with Jesus then that is what is important to you. 

I was talking to a friend last night and the sheer magnitude of what I was sharing still blows me away. 

In Luke Jesus was asked about the fall of the Temple after they had remarked of how beautiful it was and He told them what was going to happen to it.  They hadn't realized He was going to answer in two separate ways.  Indeed that Temple was torn down within a few decades. But He also gave the long view of history. Of the time to come and how civilization would be like before His return.  They hadn't even grasped that notion either of His returning let alone His talk of being crucified and raising from the dead. 

We are living in those days Jesus was telling them about. If not in them we certainly are close to that description.  Consider this well my Dear Reader, with all that has come true of Scripture since Israel has become a nation again, we certainly are in the final hours of life before the Rapture.  

They, for years, struggled since Israel had become a nation again, to certify a Red Heifer for to sanctify a new Temple. The 3rd Temple that must be in place during the Rapture.  In the last 10 or so years they now have many certified Red Heifers. They have had the materials set aside to build that Temple for decades. They have been training men for the work of service in this new Temple.  They lack only the location and unhindered time to build it.  Under President Trump, some major Biblical events occurred. The formal establishment of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital. Right before the end of his time in Office, many Islamic nations made peace with Israel, beginning that process which will lead to a time when they will indeed begin building the Temple.  The groundwork is being laid. 

Let's put all that in a tighter perspective. We have the Words of Jesus coming true in our time.  We have Israel ready to build the 3rd Temple. We have something resembling peace beginning around Israel.  We may see them beginning to build right before the Rapture happens.  But none of these things are the herald to signal that the Rapture is going to happen.  They are there as markers to look for to see that Jesus was indeed telling all the truth.  This world has a set of years assigned to it. It indeed will have an end, an end coming a whole lot earlier than anybody expects.  

Event wise there's really only one thing left to happen before Jesus Christ returns.  It's the completion of the Great Commission.  In all reality it began with the thief on the cross. It began with that one recieving Salvation. It will be completed in like manner.  With the last to be saved prior to the Tribulation.  The importance of fulfilling the Great Commission should be what is paramount to the Church.  Sadly in all too many so-called Churches all that goes on is services and classes to make people feel better. To not necessarily uplift the name of Jesus but to make themselves feel better about life.  They aren't driven to fulfill the Great Commission.  They are becoming so entertainment based they left Jesus at the door. 

Our time that is left to this world is marked in less than 1,100 years.  Specifically 7 years of the Tribulation Judgment as described in the book of Revelation and other books in the Bible. Then, the Thousand year reign of Christ. Very shortly after that concludes, Satan will be released to try one last gambit, gathering all the nation's of the world to try to attack Jesus.  In a spoken word Jesus defeats them all and then comes the Final Judgment.  The end of this world as anyone knows it. It will be reborn into a New Heavens and New Earth. 

So do the math.  It's not complicated. 

7 plus 1,000 plus maybe a month after Jesus's reign, plus that time between right now and the Rapture.   That's all that remains of time for the human race. 

The more I consider all that the more I get impressed upon me to repeat that message on what it takes to be saved.  I certainly do not want anyone going to Hell. At the same time I don't know who that last person is who will be the last before the Rapture.  

The Father's Plan that began with Jesus was the creation of the Church.  To empower the Church through the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Will and Word of God. To give those who come to Christ the ability to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Satan began early in the Church to introduce heresy. To sneak in false teachers. False Pastors. False positions in the Church to keep people from fulfilling the Great Commission. They preach and teach in violation of Scripture...and it's accepted.  They keep people from learning that Jesus is the only way to be saved.  They instead teach you how to feel good about yourself and spread those warm fuzzies to others. Be entertained and not tought. 

This world is in love with horror movies. Horror stories and paranormal stories. 

Here's one for you. Of the thousands of so-called Churches in this world, many thousands will still be full after the Rapture. Full of people who can't believe they were left behind. Full of people who WILL turn away from God because they believe He betrayed them and they will embrace Satan's Antichrist. 

In Revelation in ONE judgment, 1/3rd of mankind will perish. Current world population is around 7.9 billion people. Do the math. Say a billion are raptured. Leaves around 6.9 billion. Wipe out 1/3rd. About 2.3 billion people will enter into Hell in 1 judgment. People who refuse to acknowledge their need for a Savior. People who hate against God.  Sounds horrifically astronomical doesn't it?  Got a clue for you.  It's a drop in the bucket compared to the Genesis Flood. Back then probably around 8 billion gorged into Hell.

Nobody today needs to know of that horror.  Today is the day to come to Christ if you haven't already.  Today isn't the day to be living only for yourself. Today is the day to live for the one who died for you.  If we truly want to hasten the day of the Lord we need to fulfill the Great Commission and complete it. 

Praying for others to be saved. Praying that our walk with Jesus is what it should be. Living in the world but being held captive by its lusts. 

Today could be the day.  Although millions are trickling into both Heaven and Hell right now.  Millions more are born.  Yet of those millions leaving this world a significantly high number never thought today was their last day on Earth. 

Are you ready for what's next?  If what's next is your stepping into Heaven or Hell are you remotely considering the ramifications of that?

Time was created for mankind not for God. Time has an end in regards to us in our physical world.  

You need to have settled the question of Salvation now, not later. You may not have a later. Nobody's guaranteed a today let alone a tomorrow. 

We have possibly 1,007 years plus this short time between right now and the Rapture.  What are you going to do with that time? Is it going to change your priorities? It should. Oh my Dear Reader it should. 

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