Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Seriously? Yes, Always.

Seriously? Yes, Always. 

The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; And He knows those who trust in Him. NAHUM 1:7 

One hundred years earlier Jonah spoke to Nineveh. Now it was Nahum’s turn, and his message was quite different . . . The prophet Jonah spoke of imminent doom, and the Ninevites repented, saving themselves from God’s certain judgment. By the time of Nahum, the Ninevites’ sin had become so entrenched that there was no longer any hope of return—and no one to whom they could turn for help. How terrifying to realize that God is against you! Our God is long-suffering, gracious, and merciful, but He is also thoroughly just. If we do not turn to Him in repentance, He will measure out His justice. He looks past our religious ritual and formulaic prayers and sees our hearts. He knows who genuinely trusts Him, and He will be their unassailable fortress in times of distress. Jonah and Nahum had messages for Nineveh: Jonah indicated that God will show mercy to those who turn to Him; Nahum revealed that God’s judgment must fall on the unrepentant. Are you truly repentant? Guard your heart lest you become indifferent to God’s grace and mercy. - Blackaby Being Still with God 

Perhaps a passage that Blackaby ought to have included was this one: 

"It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Hebrews 10:31

Many millions, if not billions, mock the idea or don't take seriously, the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So many? Yes. Note that at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ people will be like the sands of the seashore gathered against Jesus. 

Horrible experiences and examples happen to believers each day in many parts of the world.  Abuses from verbal to physical atrocities happen right this very hour. 

We, in many places, consider our lives as being rough when they get your order wrong in the drive through. 

What's as bad is people claiming to be good people, do not know Jesus as their Savior and Lord, waking up in Hell. Never understanding how they got there. 

Believers are attacked by more than just harsh attacks or verbal lashings.  They are attacked by silky smooth words and sweet temptations.  One of Satan's biggest is through vanity.  Wanting what we don't have but is available for a price...just sign here. Sign and drive!  You deserve this! 
Another is darker.  The feeding of the lusts of the flesh. Sexual immorality is a multi billion dollar a year industry. Pornography to prostitution.  In darker circles Christians are singled out even here in America for their faith.  Some even murdered for it.  Sadly the mainstream media won't cover that, but WILL provide false information of people attributing it to their beliefs when it feeds their lies about those people's lives. 

People in this world no matter where they are have to choose between accepting or rejecting Christ as their Savior.  A permanent rejection means the judgment of Hell.  

To come to Christ is no sign of weakness. It is your heart finally recognizing that your Creator really does love you and does want what's best for you.  

If we look at the smaller judgments of God in the Bible, whole civilizations were destroyed due to sin.  While God is indeed long suffering He will not put up with sin forever.  As the saying goes there comes a time when you must pay the piper.  You must pay that price or if you are in Christ He payed it for you. 

It is a free choice but with consequences. 

But that's not fair! You may say. Of course it is imminently fair. You make such choices and teach your children the very same.   You can have this now or if you're good you can have this later.  If you do this, this is going to happen to you.  Do that, and you will be grounded for a month.  Do this and you will be rewarded. 
You think that mankind thought of consequences all on its own?  Consequences began with Adam and Eve.  Consequences were spelled out before sin even existed. 
Consequences result in judgment. Either for the good or the bad  King Solomon asked God for wisdom.  One of his first judgments was between two prostitutes and a baby that was alive and one that was dead.  Stark consequences for both. 

Sinful choices are life or death choices. 

We choose to take Jesus seriously now while we have a chance or we choose to put Him off, thinking that it will be forgotten or our good will be good enough  Heads up, the Bible says the only one good enough was Jesus Himself. So there's that answer for you. Your standard of measuring good is wrong.  

In Christ Jesus is the only place to find Salvation.  Acknowledging that He is right and we are in need of a Savior is the way towards being saved.  You still must choose Him. You must still ask Him to be your Savior and Lord. Then it's no longer your life's good or bad that's seen by God, but the righteousness of God. 

Persecution may or may not come to you but in Christ you are safe.  The Bible promises that there is no lengthy delay once we leave this world. In less than a second we leave here and stand before Christ.  

To not choose Christ may or may not mean a perceived wondrous life. But the moment of death means eternity in Hell. In torment without end until the Final Judgment Seat of Christ. Then those people will be given a new body then cast into the Lake of Fire. A place much worse than the Lake of Fire.  The consequences of sin are serious.  God is serious. He was serious when He left Heaven to endure all the abuse and be hung on a cross to die so that we may live. To make the way for you to live...if only you choose Him.

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