Tuesday, July 13, 2021

And They Thought...

And They Thought...

For this reason also God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth,and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:2-11 NASB

Within these words are contained the true confession of mankind,  of the creation acknowledging their Creator.   There has been appointed a day when all these will willingly and unwillingly admit the truth as stated by God. 

The only place where doubts exist as to this truth are in the minds of physical mankind today. 

There are no doubts in the minds of the dead.  You have those who are saved in Christ Jesus in Heaven, always proclaiming the truth of Christ Jesus around His Throne. 

In Hell there's all who now confess but under duress. Not from the pain of paying for their sins, but from the acknowledgement of their reality. Trillions are weeping because they fully realize they blew it. They missed their chances because they loved the world more than they wanted to love the one who came to save them.  They weep with no end in sight as to paying the price He offered to pay for their sins. They weep because the truth is no longer in doubt. 
There's no defense to stand up for them. There's no one to plead with that will listen. There's no jailer to cry out to.  They are there at the decree of God. Held there by the Word of God. 

Then you have those gnashing their teeth at their forced confession.  Acknowledging what is against their will.  They rage against God from their position with anger that will burn for all eternity.  Yet they too cannot change their situation. They have nothing to stand on.  They, like Satan, do not want to acknowledge the truth of God. They too have no jailer keeping them other than the decree of God.  In both their cases its simply the truth of God keeping them there.  What people today don't realize is that Demons are real. Demons too obey the decrees of God.  Demons know how terrifyingly real Hell is and they want no part of it. They would rather die a thousand physical deaths in possessed people or animals than spend one day in Hell. 

Yet in our world,  regardless of what people acknowledge, they are showing the truth of God’s Word.  Everyone doing right in their own eyes. Everyone having the choice of Salvation before them yet either choosing to receive it or reject it.  Everyone believing or refusing to believe the reality of God’s plan for mankind.  Those that refuse to believe now, have only until Christ returns to change their minds.  They can blame no one else but themselves in Hell but themselves.  The rejection of Christ for salvation is the only unpardoned sin.  Many millions of so-called great people of this world. Great philosophers, great scientists, massively rich people of the world, people living lives of the powerful, who died without salvation in Christ Jesus woke up in Hell, stripped of everything but their soul.  Woke up either crying out to Christ for a second chance or crying out in rage because they still believe they had the right to be right in their own eyes. 

I see so many people living life with no regard to the future. 

Of all things, that scene from Back to the Future 2, where Marty learns the harsh truth of how his relative with the same name died. Learning that his way wasn't going to work if he too let people goad him into fighting their fight their way.  Letting rage and anger remove all reason and then lose the fight. 

God’s not delaying the return of Jesus for any reason other than not being willing that any should perish but that all people would be saved. He knows there's still going to be people who reject Jesus by the millions per day.  But the Father knows who is the last before Jesus is told that now is the time.  I believe in what I call the  bookend theory.  The first to be saved was the thief on the cross.  No chance at baptism. No chance at a life of ministry or service to God.  No chance to witness to others. No chance to live a life dedicated to Christ that would draw people to Jesus to be saved themselves. That last person to be saved prior to the judgment of God will be the same.  Once that person says yes, that will be it. The Rapture will take place.  Billions will vanish.  Sadly way too many professing Christians don't grasp this or believe it.  Satan knows its true. Satan is preparing for it. It's those he has deceived that don't and are not. Billions of people are living life as it was in the days of Noah. Corporations are using intentional work practices of redundancy with the belief in sustainability due to turnover rates. No its to do with Satan's strategy to mitigate the inevitable disaster that will come upon the world at the Rapture. So that when Christians are gone he can pick things up quickly and not miss a beat.  Quickly downplaying the missing people. Spreading lies and falsehoods as to where they went. Probably blaming their disappearances upon something like side effects to some medication. Had to word that that way to avoid censorship. May sound far fetched but then again nobody saw 2020 and all that they endured happening either.  It was a test run for what's to come.  How willingly people will obey the order he has been crafting over the centuries.  When the Rapture occurs people will willingly do and accept what he will say through the Antichrist with the help of the false Prophet. They are now destroying symbols of truth and history, teaching others to reject history so that he can repeat it in a more refined way in the future. 

You, my Dear Reader, must realize the truth of God now, while there's still time. Christians need to be serious about being about the Father's business. Worldly possessions and status will not save anyone. Those still in doubt need to know that the source of their doubts is the sin they need forgiveness for.  They need a Savior who is Christ the Lord. There's good reason that this world is full of distraction. Misdirection is at the core of a magicians work. The real reason being to occupy your time long enough to deceive you into believing something that isn't true.

Today could be that day.  Are you ready for it?

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