Thursday, July 22, 2021

Two Kinds of Blindness

Two Kinds of Blindness 

Whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. 2 Corinthians 4:4 

When you are blinded, you cannot see things as they really are, even though others around you see them clearly. You cannot experience the full reality of all that is around you. You may feel you are experiencing all that there is to life, yet you may be unaware that you are missing what God desires for you. You may even be in danger because of your blindness and not know it. Paul warned that the “god of this age” can blind you to the reality of Jesus Christ. Christ's presence can make a significant difference in your life. However, if Satan convinces you to doubt that Christ can do what He promised, he will have blinded you to the reality of what your life is really like and to what it could become. Others may see what your unbelief causes you to miss, but you will be unaware of it. Your life may be steadily moving toward disaster, but you will be oblivious to it. Christ comes to you as light (John 1:4–5, 9). He illuminates your sin so that you see its ugliness and destructiveness. He reveals Himself so that you can appreciate the glory of His person and the marvelous riches He brings. His presence lights your path so that you can see impending danger. Don’t let the god of this age distort your spiritual vision. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everything is as it should be when, in fact, you are missing out on so much that God wants to do in your life. Ask Christ to illuminate your life and let you clearly see your spiritual condition. Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

There's more than one kind of blindness. Physical and Spiritual. We read of the famous story of how Saul became Paul. Of how God intentionally disrupted his life to bring him to a screeching halt.  To shut down his train of thought in Spiritual matters and reveal the truth in a way necessary to open his Spiritual eyes. 

We read of many who were born blind that Jesus healed.  In the case of all the opening of their physical eyes brought about the opening of their Spiritual eyes. 

In today's world there's millions of people walking around in Spiritual blindness.  Refusing to acknowledge the truth of God.  Scripture says that many were given over to a depraved heart. Many millions are demon possessed. Labeled as mental illness for their atrocities. 

I was born, at God's discretion, half blind in one eye. In my youngest of years I prayed a lot that Jesus would heal me as He had those whom I read in the Bible that He had healed. In my later years I finally understood why He didn't. I, like Paul, was being told the same as he had been when he prayed constantly for a thorn in the flesh to be removed. God's grace is sufficient. 

We live in a world where flashy lights and bling deceive millions of people.  Satan's minions are active all over the world in the art of distraction. To keep people from Salvation. To keep them from the truth.  

If everyone didn't have that influence would it matter? Actually no.
In the thousand year reign of Christ after the Tribulation, mankind will not be influenced by Satan at all.  For a thousand years mankind will live under the perfect rule of Christ. Yet at the end of all that peace and prosperity, great health and wisdom. The people will be as the sands of the seashore gathered in rebellion with a newly released Satan from his prison to fight against Jesus..


Sin blinds you and I to the reality of life. Satan just knows how to push all the right buttons to bring it out in us. He isn't creative but also has had 5 to 6 thousand years of practice. 

What We do each day tells the story of where we are. Of whether or not we are living in blindness or have the Spiritual eyes to see. Saul thought for sure he was bringing glory to God. Thought he was living the way he thought life should be lived. Millions today believe the same. Millions think that their lives are good enough. That they are living for all the right reasons. 

Stop and look in the mirror.  If you aren't living for Jesus, if He isn't your Lord and Savior. You're living in blindness.  

Let today be the day your eyes are opened as Saul's was. Let today be the day you see life for the first time in the way God intended. 

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