Saturday, July 24, 2021

Don't Mind Your Own Business

Don't Mind Your Own Business 

He who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins. James 5:20 

One of the Christian's greatest deterrents from sin is the life of another Christian. Some Christians maintain that it is none of their business if another chooses to sin. They are convinced that they are being judgmental if they respond to someone in sin. The world persuades them not to get involved, but this inaction prevents them from being an effective intercessor. As Christians we are aware that sin brings death (Rom. 6:23). Sin kills relationships, dismantles marriages, stifles joy, and destroys peace. When we see someone wander from the truth into error, how should we respond? When Jesus saw sin, it broke His heart. He wept over entire cities as He saw them rejecting the truth (Matt. 23:37–39). He prayed fervently for His disciples to be strong when they were tempted (John 17). He warned those who were heading toward spiritual failure (Matt. 26:20–25, 34). Jesus was even willing to die to save people from their sins because He knew the devastation that sin causes. Jesus never stood idle as those around Him were led astray by their sin. He always took an active role in turning them back to God. “Minding your own business” will save you some discomfort, but it will not help a brother or sister who needs to return to the Lord. If you are truly aware of the grave consequences for those who continue in sin, you will be moved to weep even as Jesus wept. Pray fervently for your friend. That will safeguard your motives and prepare you to minister to him. Be alert, in the event that God asks you to confront your friend. If you do so, be loving and gentle lest you, too, be tempted (Gal. 6:1). Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

I used to hear this a lot growing up. "You shouldn't judge!" 
I also used to see and hear family and friends, acquaintances alike say they can't say anything to those they know or to their children or family members about not doing something they know full well that ought not be done. 

So putting it in perspective, they knew the path they were on was destructive and harmful yet did nothing to stop them. That not judging thing irks me like few other things do that people will say to me. 

Some almost sound like they want to leave an opening for sin in the lives of others rather than help them to learn to avoid sin and its consequences. 

Jesus has an endless supply of life preserver to cast to any who call upon His Name and many stand between Him and them by swatting away that life preserver!

They refuse to get involved to help correct the error in their lives and set them up to spiritually fail.

Minding your own business versus getting involved is often not difficult. It depends on your heart not the heart of the other. 

If your heart is gripped with fear as to what getting involved might mean to you then it will undoubtedly paralyze your actions. 

It might mean sacrifice on your part.  Might mean exposure to feelings and actions that make you uncomfortable.  

Jesus wants doers of the Word not just hearers only. 

The Jewish leaders were experts in telling others to go be warm and be filled and to not even lift a finger to bring any of that about. 

If Jesus brings a person or situation to your attention or remembrance there's a Heaven or Hell reason involved.  

Life is about Heaven or Hell reasons to unbelievers. To decide to come to Christ or not determines their destination. Are you going to use excuses to not get involved in trying to keep someone from Hell? 

I have watched, because I was not directly involved, but by lack of being able to convince those involved who had a vested interest, watched marriages be destroyed. Because they said they couldn't judge their now former spouse because they did the same thing in their early years. Because they would not say or do anything to save that person from their destructive behavior they eventually found themselves divorced. 

I have also found myself afraid to get involved and it cost me years of a relationship that might have been different.  I knew of a different side of a person and should have spoken up rather than be silent. 

We cannot get in God's way in helping people. We are to engage people and point them to Jesus.  We are not to be armchair quarterbacks. We aren't to be the spewers of knowledge without wisdom as Job's friends were. 

I pray even today for now former friends who are trapped in sin. I pray for now former acquaintances who I probably will not see again. The truth is I can't stop praying for them. Jesus proved to me too clearly that He can go wherever I can't. He can bust through all the lines of Satan's defenses to rescue people. It's on me to get involved and to pray. 

Refusing the prompting of the Lord cost Jonah a 3 day part of his life until he acknowledged that Jesus was telling him to have compassion on whom the Lord wanted to have compassion. Even the enemies of Job's people. 

It's not the place of any believer to shun the word of God. It's summed up in those two commandments. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Love your neighbor as yourself. 

Doesn't say when it feels right or if you have time. Doesn't say if you want to. Doesn't say that it's even an option. Jesus said those words Himself. Doesn't say that you can't because it's none of your business. 

We are here to help a Jesus toss out life preservers. To point people to Jesus. To life from death.  We don't have an option in saying no. Scripture says that he who knows the good he ought to do and does not do it, sins.

I pray for friends that I haven't heard from in a long while. 
I pray for friends trapped in sin.  I know they are trapped because I hear them in their horror crying out for help.  
I pray for my leaders both in the workplace and government. 
I pray for family, friends and acquaintances. 
I pray for my Wife. 
I pray for people who I may never see again. 
I pray for people that I am keenly aware that I caused to sin by my words and actions. 
I have to because the Spirit provokes my spirit to do so. 

It's the business of the Spirit of God to seek and save the lost in this world and to grow believers into being like Christ. God's business is our business. So to be obedient to God means to make it your business to prayerfully consider how God wants you to be involved. 

Get off the couch, get off the sidelines. Get in the game. It's your business. 

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