Monday, July 19, 2021

Who Indeed!

Who Indeed!

Jesus said, “Who touched Me?” When all denied it, Peter and those with him said, “Master, the multitudes throng and press You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’ ” LUKE 8:45 

The crowds pressed in on Him. Not only was Jesus surrounded by people needing His help and wanting His healing power, but He was on His way to the home of Jairus whose sick daughter languished near death. The fact that Jesus sensed someone touching Him is quite remarkable, and it reveals His sensitivity to every person who reaches out to Him in faith. Someone had indeed reached out to the Lord and touched Him—actually, touched the hem of His robe—in faith that He could and would heal her of twelve years of bleeding. Luke the physician reported the woman’s declaration: “she had touched Him and . . . she was healed immediately” (v. 47). If you feel overwhelmed by what God has called you to do or, like the hemorrhaging woman, by the circumstances of your life, be encouraged. God will respond as you reach out in faith to touch Him. He will empower you and heal you, and you will see miracles happen in your life. You cannot control the power God will use in your life. However, you decide whether you will reach out to Christ or not. -  Blackaby Being Still With God 

Did you catch all that Peter was saying, and all that Jesus was really asking?

Indeed all were around Him, all were pressing in on Him. But only one was there by faith. 

In all sorts of science fiction stories and movies, even in reality, people and governments want to exploit the supernatural.

Want to find some kind of way to obtain the power without cost.

Satan will be empowering his Antichrist with signs and wonders through his false Prophet. People will believe their eyes in what he does.  This is no fantasy. In Judas Iscariot it began. 
Scripture is replete with power hungry people. Thus the statement that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Only the Creator God has what it takes to not be corrupted. Only God is perfect in truth to know how to discern all right from all wrong. 

Many pressing in on Him.

Oh the true sadness of it all!

As Jesus said elsewhere of so many lost sheep with no shepherd.  Misguided people. Just as He said of the Pharasee that they take in a man to be taught of themselves and the result would be that they make them twice the Son of Satan as themselves. 

People in this world are no better.  People in our world.  Just as lost.  Technology, things in the news, mean nothing when it comes to comparing the people in this passage and those people today. 

People attending various liberal churches today are the same as these lost people pressing in on Jesus.  Doing the same thing. Wanting something from Jesus, not willing to fully obey God's word to obtain it. Faith isn't present to obtain the change in the soul.  This ties in directly with Jesus asking will He find the faith when He returns?

Are you the one coming to Christ in faith, absent of any preconditions? Or are you like these people, cosying up to Jesus in hopes that He will do something else for you and it not cost you anything?

Coming to Christ will cost you something. God's Word says that to all men He's allotted a measure of faith.  You have a measure of faith, what have you done with it?

The woman who had this problem chose to use the faith she had to seek mercy and healing from Jesus. She believed in Jesus, believed Him to be God. Those pressing in on Him did not.
They were after more handouts. They wanted more with no commitments. 

Many people today want from God but don't want the commitments that go with it. 

People often break down and pray only when they are in an apparently blocked in position in life. In the heat of the moment only. Then they go back to their sinful living. 

Jesus knew and it's written in other places, who had the faith to be healed. He saw it in people without a question. 

This is exactly the same as in the judgment to come.  

Jesus will know you without a question needing to be asked about any point in your life. 

To those who are truly saved, the seal of the Spirit is upon us.  Thus no reason to ask or question. 

To those without it, there's still no reason to ask or question, because He always already knows all about your life. 

You have no chance at a last minute defense on the day of judgment before Jesus if you rejected His free gift of Salvation now. 

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. She heard of God, she believed God, was healed by God. 

Those pressing in on Him didn't get it. 

Paul, the Apostle, once Saul the Pharasee, didn't get it either. 
He was raised a Pharasee, the Son of one. Saw everything that Jesus did in His Earthly ministry.  Had no faith to make it alive in his life until he was brought to his knees on the road to Damascus. He epitomized the hatred of the Jews towards those following Christ. Like some even today who are trying to destroy the Church. Blind hatred. 

Are you coming to Christ in faith, or are you only wanting to have the benefits without the commitments?  My Friend, there's a Heaven or Hell difference in your answer. 

You cannot afford to be wrong. 

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