Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Where Evil Begins

Where Evil Begins 

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer. PSALM 19:14 

In 1996, Manila, capital city of the Philippines, suffered an outbreak of cholera due to a proliferation of flies and cockroaches. The mayor announced a bounty on the bugs, dead or alive, and thousands were brought in by citizens who were paid on the spot. Health officials knew that huge problems could be prevented by dealing with tiny causes. Stopping that cholera outbreak was an example of the law of the harvest: sow a tiny cure and reap a huge benefit. Just as removing tiny bugs saved a city, so a tiny thought in our minds can have huge results. That’s why Proverbs says to “keep your heart with all diligence . . . [and] put away from you a deceitful mouth” (4:23–24). Thoughts and words are powerful. What we meditate on and speak can do great good or great harm. In the Bible, the Christian has access to the most powerful living words ever written, words that can renew the mind. Make sure this week that you spend time sowing seeds in your mind that will bear godly fruit in your life. History’s worst acts began with a tiny, unguarded thought that yielded an ungodly harvest of destruction.

Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Where evil began is with sin. It began in the hearts of Adam and Eve. It lived on in their offspring. Both Cain and his brother Able. In Seth, in all mankind since they ate of the forbidden tree.  

Regardless of what you think about you, you have sin deeply rooted within you. 
There's no pill to take, no surgery possible, to remove it from your heart. 

It took the unblemished sacrifice of God’s only Son on a  cross to defeat it. In that story from 1996, they were looking to defeat bugs to defeat a disease.  The disease of sin, without salvation in Christ Jesus alone, is always fatal. Without that cure, the destination after you die is assured, it's a straight line to Hell.  Hell, where torment is endless. Where sin is being paid for each person who rejected Christ Jesus for salvation. In the physical world everyone has the ability and knowledge to receive the free gift offered by Jesus.  In the afterlife the offer is expired. 

Evil thoughts and actions permeated the world before the Flood in the book of Genesis. In everyone except Noah. Selfishness was the rule of law back then. In everything. In everyone and everything all thoughts of God, of obedience to the Lord were rejected. People thought they were living life to the fullest too!  Thought they had it all and never once considered how deaf, blind, poor and naked their souls really were. Evil permeated the world. 

Jesus said that so it was in the days of Noah so it would be when He returns. 

We see, practically every day, new forms of Evil being devised. New forms of selfishness and greedy desires. The mutilation of the human body to make it into something other than what God intended. Teaching children that before they listen to their parents, they should consider thinking selfishly first.  They should listen to their sinful heart and give in to thinking selfishly. 

The very same evil that permeated the world before the Flood.

Just as the Ark preserved mankind, so salvation in Christ Jesus is for this present age. 

Evil appears so often to win the day. Jesus promises that is only temporary. A life that comes to Christ is safely hidden in Christ. We may suffer many things in this life but we will, in the end, find ourselves standing before Him in His glorious Heaven. We shall never taste death. 

The Church of God has repeatedly turned the tide of evil in this world. Through the fervent prayer of God's people the world has, like the tide of the ocean, receded from evil on a global scale.  It should be noted and noticed that when the Church starts being silent evil increases. 
Satan's hope is to keep silencing the Church. The first real groups that were looked at last year when this thing came across the world were Churches and how they must not be allowed to be open.  There's no coincidence in that. In light of such blatant attempts to shutter the doors of Churches, the Spirit of God adapted. The explosion of online services happened. 

Evil will not ever permanently win the day against the forces of the Kingdom of God. 

You my Friend have before you the same as Joshua and the children of Israel. 

You have before you a choice.  To do good or do evil. To live selfishly or live for Christ. 
You have before you a destination of Hell or Heaven. You must choose who you will serve. 

You are no different than any other human before you. You are born in sin and you must decide whether to accept the cure for it from Jesus or reject it. You must decide.

The Cross of Christ gave us the way to be saved.  Jesus stands before all who live, He is in the way of Death. He stands ready to save if we but call upon His Name.  That's a powerful visual. 

Jesus stands between you and Death's desire, which is to claim you while you live. To keep you from a life of freedom in Christ Jesus. To welcome you into eternal judgment for your sins.  Satan is not nor has ever set foot in Hell.  He knows and so do all his demons just what Hell is. He, when permitted, can send people there through his lies, but he cannot go there.
Satan's first taste of judgment will be when he is bound for a thousand years. His second is when he is stripped of his angelic qualities and made to be like every other human who rejected Christ. Consigned to eternity in the lake of fire. 

Salvation in Christ is the cure for selfish desires and living.  My friend make sure today of where you stand before Christ.  Jesus said to come to Him all who are weak and weary and He will give you rest. The pleasures of this world are only temporary. You are facing a life or death decision in where you spend eternity. That my friend is the most important decision you will ever make.  Evil men will proceed from bad to worse the Bible says. Don't be one of them. 
Come to Christ and find the freedom and peace you are longing for. 

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