Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Joy of My Salvation!

The Joy of My Salvation!

The fruit of the Spirit is . . . goodness. 

May I imitate You, Lord God, as a dear child. Enable me to love my enemies, bless those who curse me, do good to those who hate me, and pray for those who spitefully use me and persecute me, that, heavenly Father, I may be Your child; for You make Your sun rise on the evil and on the good, and send rain on the just and on the unjust. Enable me to be merciful, just as You, Father God, also are merciful. The fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth. When Your kindness and love toward us appeared, not by works of righteousness which I have done, but according to Your mercy You saved me, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom You poured out on me abundantly through Jesus Christ my Savior. You, Lord, are good to all, and Your tender mercies are over all Your works. You who did not spare Your own Son, but delivered Him up for me, how shall You not with Him also freely give me all things? May the fruit of Your Spirit be obvious in my life, my good and gracious God. 

GALATIANS 5:22; EPHESIANS 5:1; MATTHEW 5:44–45; LUKE 6:36; EPHESIANS 5:9; TITUS 3:4–6; PSALM 145:9; ROMANS 8:32

Dr. David Jeremiah Life-Changing Moments with God 

Do you ever look back and consider those moments when you came to the understanding that not only did you acknowledge your need for a Savior, that indeed sin was real and you cannot remove its sting?  That day when joy overflowed when at last Jesus came to you and forgave your sins and began a real relationship with you? You haven't? Today can be your day for that!

Look at these people in the book of Acts 10:30-44,

"Cornelius said, “Four days ago to this hour, I was praying in my house during the ninth hour; and behold, a man stood before me in shining clothing, and he *said, ‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard and your charitable gifts have been remembered before God. Therefore send some men to Joppa and invite Simon, who is also called Peter, to come to you; he is staying at the house of Simon the tanner, by the sea.’ So I sent men to you immediately, and you have been kind enough to come. Now then, we are all here present before God to hear everything that you have been commanded by the Lord.”

Opening his mouth, Peter said:

“I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality, but in every nation the one who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him. The word which He sent to the sons of Israel, preaching peace through Jesus Christ (He is Lord of all)— you yourselves know the thing that happened throughout Judea, starting from Galilee, after the baptism which John proclaimed. You know of Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power, and how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. We are witnesses of all the things that He did both in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They also put Him to death by hanging Him on a cross. God raised Him up on the third day and granted that He be revealed, not to all the people, but to witnesses who had been chosen beforehand by God, that is, to us who ate and drank with Him after He arose from the dead. And He ordered us to preach to the people, and to testify solemnly that this is the One who has been appointed by God as Judge of the living and the dead. All the prophets testify of Him, that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins.” While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message.""

I do not have a perfect memory of the day that I came to Christ, but do remember enough. I remember being in the Pastor's office looking out the window awaiting the Elders who wanted to speak with me. Seeing the sunshine and knowing God was smiling down on me. 

I am told that I was very excited for that morning at Church.  Indeed this was long ago. 

Today can be your day if you have yet to come to Christ!  

There is therefore no other name under heaven by which we must be saved the Bible says. 

Oh by no means does it mean only receiving a ticket to get out of Hell free. Jesus not only saves but also loves us too much to leave us as we were found!

Scripture also says that He who began a good work in us will continue it until the day of Christ Jesus.  That we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that He prepared beforehand that we might walk in them. 

He has a plan and purpose for you!  Nothing is to be feared by coming to Christ.  I see nowhere in looking back on my life where there's a single regret!  

Jesus loves you and I too much to leave us in the filth in which sin covered us.

That is good news! Jesus loves us too much not to let sin continue its hold on us.

The condemnation of sin remains on all who rejected Christ to this day.  To die without salvation in and through Christ alone guarantees a destination of Hell, not Heaven. 

In Christ there is no condemnation for sin. It has been washed away, gone, remembered no more.  For those in Christ they are sealed by the Holy Spirit. When the Father looks on us all He sees is the pure righteousness of Jesus. Our sins are cast as far as the east is from the west.

The free gift given to those who have believed was meant to not only be made to be received but to be freely given. 

Everyone Jesus met He had an impact on. Those who were open were rejoicing at the great things He had done.  Those who's hearts were hardened towards what God was showing them were enraged.  

Even when presented with the truth of their rebellion against God they didn't want to hear it.  
They didn't want to let go of what they had in their sin.  Many millions even in this very minute are pouring into Hell, wondering why they are there paying for their sins.  That's the destination for all who reject the life preserver that Jesus is offering in this life to you.

He took your place and became what was needed to satisfy the wrath of God concerning your sins. But you must still ask to receive it. For it is by grace you are saved not of works, lest anyone should boast, it is the gift of God to all who believe. Grace is unmeritted favor.  What we undeservingly receive for coming to Christ. 

When Christ's free gift is rejected by mankind and those who do die without it, payment for sin will be required. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  We are born in it and cannot escape it without salvation in Christ.  

If you have come to Christ rejoice again today!

If you're still undecided, I implore you not to delay, it is a limited time offer. Look up Romans Road to Salvation online.  Seek out another Christian and talk with them.

Find the joy of your salvation today or at least remember it again. 

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