Monday, July 26, 2021

Your Life's Smallest Details

Your Life's Smallest Details 

Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book? PSALM 56:8 

An apocryphal story is told about the filming of the legendary movie The Bridge on the River Kwai. The director was preparing for the epic shot of a locomotive and train falling from an exploding bridge into a river gorge below. Three cameras were assigned to shoot the scene. After the shot, the director radioed each camera operator. “Sorry, sir—my camera jammed,” said the first. “Left my lens cap on,” said the second. The director nearly fainted when the third said, “Ready when you are, sir!” With one-time opportunities, details matter. Not even enthusiasm can make up for a lack of attention to details. Modern culture likes to say “the devil’s in the details.” Wrong! It is our God who is at work in even the smallest parts of life. Daniel the prophet discovered this when God showed him a preview of world history: “There shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks” (Daniel 9:25). Not eight and sixty-three or six and sixty-one. God knows every detail of the past, present, and future of the world—and of your life. He counts your tears and knows the number of hairs on your head. How comforting to know our God has overlooked nothing. Because God is in the details, He is always ready when you are. Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

So many in our world believe that they are in charge of their destiny. 
So many believe that they call the shots, that if it doesn't go to their plans then we'll that's just fate. 
So many, sadly, think God is good enough for their children but not themselves. As if God were some fairy tale that inspires some possible streak of goodness in their offspring. 

All too many millions of people each day sadly decide that they don't need God telling them how to live their life. They run across life with wreckless abandon and maybe at the end, when death comes knocking on the door do they want God to save them. 

There is one moment in time that was the saddest day in history. The day that Adam and Eve chose to sin. 

The greatest moment in history was when the solution to sin arose from the dead in the person of Jesus Christ.  

So many people in our world live without hope.  Live without anyone to lean on in their struggles and troubles.  

Hope exists in the person of Jesus Christ. Its very interesting what is required of you in something as simple as a movie or television show.  For that hour or two or more, a scene unfolds and you are asked to believe.  That's essentially what you are asked to do.  To leave behind the cares of your life to a world of make believe. But, at the end of that time, you are right back to where you are. 

In Christ belief takes you places you never imagined. To emotions, thoughts and feelings you never thought possible...and it’s there for your lifetime. 

We face many things in life that are common to man. The Bible tells us that. In Christ we face not the things of this life alone. We face them with the Spirit of God. We have Spiritual Armor to wear into battle that fits us perfectly. 

We have hope because the resurrection brings it.  The Disciples and the family of Jesus, other followers of Christ looked on in disbelief for 3 days. Then came that day at the tomb. Reality is that Jesus arose from the dead. He now sits at the right hand of His Father. He now intercedes on behalf of all who believe. 

So why are we going through what we are?  Every detail of our lives is in God's hands. He was in today before you arrived.  He sees and knows all possibilities of everything in your life. 

Everything in all God's creation is in His hands. Satan and his minions are in God's hands. There's nothing that can happen to a child of God outside the will of God.

Satan or his minions cannot launch an assault on you without first seeking the approval of Jesus Christ.  For those not part of the Kingdom of God, not so much. Many, God already knows, will not accept Jesus Christ as their own Savior. Many, will, and He knows who. He will protect the work began in their lives towards salvation. 

In a right relationship with Jesus we learn of our heritage in God. We learn to trust God. We learn that He indeed has more in store for us in ways greater than we can ask or think. 

What the world calls hopeless God calls opportunity. Regardless of what commercials or the media tells you, you aren't in this world for your own selfish desires. Jesus came to seek and save the lost in this world. That was His Father's business. He, upon leaving this world, put that responsibility upon the shoulders of the Disciples. We who are in Christ are here to tell others about Christ. About the relationship that awaits those who want hope. Who want to truly live. 

Hope is found in the details in our lives where we see the fingerprints of God. When we see and acknowledge the truth of the proof of God's love, grace and mercy. 

In every detail of our lives are the works of our Creator. Trying to save. It's why He came. 

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