Thursday, December 2, 2021

All in or All about You?

All in or All about You?

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. 2 CHRONICLES 16:9 

Dwight L. Moody preached the Gospel to more people in the nineteenth century than anyone else in the world. He left home at age seventeen with the equivalent of a fifth-grade education. He was won to Christ as a teenager, and in 1873, a friend in England challenged him with the following statement: “The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to him.” Moody’s reply was, “With God’s help, I aim to be that man.” That challenge certainly motivated Moody, but it wasn’t altogether accurate. For the world had already seen what God would do with a man fully committed to Him. Daniel, taken from Jerusalem to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, immediately impressed his pagan captors. His physical appearance, his wisdom, and his unswerving commitment to his God elevated him to a place of influence—all without compromising his beliefs. Noah, Joseph, Daniel, Paul—all were ordinary people whom God used to do extraordinary things. Will today’s world see extraordinary things done for God? All it takes is a person like Daniel or Dwight L. Moody—that is, a person like you—fully consecrated to God.- Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Scripture tells us of the deceitfulness of the human heart. 

We are of all that is in this world the most valuable of all God's creation. Nothing else was so important to God that He sent His Son to die for, and the Spirit to indwell than that of mankind. 

We see in this world billions of people trying to find their own peace and happiness apart from God, and failing miserably at it.

Yet to those who do live for Jesus we see life in a different way, through different eyes, if only we would obey. 

We have been left with choice after the victory at the cross of Jesus Christ.  
We have the choice to come to Christ or reject Him.  
We have the choice to go all in or not to. 

We do have that choice, but bear in mind, it comes at a very high price. 
For those rejecting salvation, at the point of physical death, it seals the death sentence for eternity. 
For those receiving Christ for salvation, at the point of physical death, we enter into His Heaven. 

But for both there is the review of our lives. To the people who rejected Christ, their review is full of condemnation, defining proofs of how they fell short of the glory of God, of their missing the mark. Proof of why they will spend eternity separated from God in eternal punishment for each and every single sin. 

To those who came to Christ the review of our lives will be in accordance with the deeds done in our bodies. What we did in obedience to Christ Jesus. 

If you indeed are saved, just how much will your life show?
Will there be anything to give back to Jesus for all He did for you?
Will the account of your life reveal a life spent living in accordance with obedience or of selfishness?
Will your choices of life show you as a follower of Christ or show a lover of self?

Are you all in, as the Disciples were or are you as the others who fell away for all kinds of earthly excuses?  Is the faith evident in your life that others see it or are you hiding it? As the servants of the King entrusted with His valuables, are you investing or did you bury them until His return?

It really galls me when I see misused Scriptures on Facebook. People trying to make people believe things about the Word of God that have nothing to do with reposting or not reposting to prove you are a follower of Christ.  That God sees and will condemn you if you don't repost to prove you aren't denying Him before mankind. 

Another is the passage from Chronicles. About turning and hearing, healing their land.  The only nation that is called God's own people is Israel.  His desire is that THEY return to God. America has ceased being a Godly nation for decades and nowhere in Scripture was it written that we are His chosen people. 

We are called aliens in this world, to shine the light of Christ Jesus wherever we are. To live life in such a way that people who are in the darkness will see the light of Jesus and come to Him to be saved. This world is no longer our home, we are citizens of Heaven, awaiting His return to take us back with Him, either at the Rapture or when it's our time to go. 

What will a review of your life show?

It's the most in depth audit you will ever experience. 
Your thoughts and intentions are laid out before Jesus. 
Your desires are revealed in all that you do and why you did them. 
Your everything that you have done is going to be filtered through the Word of God.

Now you may not have started out well, in my view of my life, I know that I haven't. 
But starting today you can begin to live the way God intended you to, in living in this world yet separate from it.  You can start living in obedience to God rather than living for self.
You can...but will you?
Will you be intentional about living for Jesus?
It has to be intentional, left to our whims we will never do it because our sin nature won't willingly live for Jesus. 
We must choose to live lives that keep what's been entrusted to us out there in the world being invested, not buried. 

We must deny ourselves many things in life in many cases in order to live in obedience.

We must choose to obey Scripture, to prefer one another above ourselves. 
We must choose to deny self to take up our own cross to follow Christ. 
We must choose to sacrifice time to be in God's Word. To be in prayer. 
We must choose...question is will you?  Or indeed will you be ashamed in the day your deeds are revealed?

It's an all-in life when you come to Jesus. There is no place in the Bible where you find any references to part time believers. 

Are you all in?

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