Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Hatred of the Unborn by Satan is Real

The Hatred of the Unborn by Satan is Real 

You read the Biblical account of Jesus in regards to the Christmas story but to understand the whole abortion issue you need to go back a bit farther.  It's written of Jesus rebuking His Disciples for trying to keep the children from coming to Him. Satan knows how highly valued children are to God.  If God values then he must do his best to destroy.  

When Mary was first with child by the Holy Spirit, Satan so instilled Herod that he sought to kill Mary, Joseph and the unborn Jesus. They left for Egypt. Scripture was fulfilled in that passage that stated out of Egypt He called His Son. A different Herod also wanted to kill the baby Jesus.  

To settle the argument as to the unborn being sentient beings, John the Baptist lept in his mother's womb at the sound of Mary's voice while she was pregnant with Jesus.  It caused John's mother to be so filled with the Spirit to cause her to proclaim great things. 

Satan is always against what God is for. 
Satan has helped murder millions of babies.  

A baby has a fundamental right to live.  Every baby should have a chance to live.

A truth is only true if found in Christ.  Jesus said this of Himself:  "Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me."

Satan knew from his beginning that this was true of God.  His intent upon seeing Scripture being fulfilled was to do as he has always had done, try to stop it with all the murderous rage he could muster. 

For God so loved the world...the world being the offspring of Adam and Eve. All who are ever granted a chance to begin life in the womb.  Even the very scientists and doctors who have tried to disprove life beginning at conception have been proven wrong.  Many countless stories exist that show that many fought to live in spite of their attempts to murder them.

That He gave His only begotten Son.  Satan thought that in His supposed weakened state that the unborn Savior could be handled.  In the case with all life beginning in the world Satan wants to snuff it out before it begins.  There's still unknown people yet to be born that Satan too doesn't know the potential of.  He doesn't know who the Two Witnesses might be or when they will appear on the world stage.  He doesn't know who the next Billy Graham will be and doesn't want to risk it.  Doesn't know who the last person to be saved will be saved that will end the age of the Gentiles.  Doesn't know and does what he thinks will work to hamper the Father's business that Jesus was here to do.

You may or may not believe in the cause of Christ, of His virgin birth, His perfect life. You may or may not believe in what He went through before being nailed to the cross. You may or may not believe in the power of the resurrection. May or may not believe in the need for salvation in Christ Jesus alone to obtain it.

But rest assured, Satan knows its all true and does everything he's permitted to do in order to keep mankind from fulfilling the Scriptures. You may or may not believe in the value placed by God on a human life beginning at conception. 

But even Satan knows its true. Scripture says he's blinded the minds...he's taken steps to keep people from seeing the truth.  If you are one of those not believing in life beginning at conception, there's your reason why.  Add to this another railing accusation from God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ.  Satan is a murderer and has been one from the beginning. He's not just a liar but the father of lies.  

Satan knows the truth of God and rejects it because he wants God's Throne. He wants to be God. Doesn't care how many trillions of people die in the process.  Trillions are in Hell with millions going there with every breath you take right now. 

The rest of the Christmas story is made of stuff more often put in adventure thriller movies. Chasing the hero before He was born to try to stop prophecy from coming true. 

Every single life conceived, regardless of circumstances, is of value in the eyes of God. 
Even those born with birth defects.  They too are precious in the sight of God.  
The circumstances of the way a child comes into this world may or may not be ideal, but the love of Christ can still make that life worth it. Can still make that life have meaning.  One of my favorite pro-life photos are of a mother and daughter. One holding a sign stating that on a certain date she almost chose to abort her daughter and was glad she didn't. The adult daughter stands next to her with a similar sign saying that on that date she's glad her mom gave her a chance to live. 

Satan lost at the cross.  He cannot change the will of God in how the limited amount of time left to humanity will play out.  He cannot stop one tiny part of the Bible coming true.  Including the parts that mention knitting us in the womb by God's hands. He cannot stop the Rapture because he doesn't know when it will be. He tries anyway to stop that last person who will be saved from being saved.  He knows what will happen in the Tribulation. Knows it far better than all who have studied the Bible.  Knows and will stay true to his nature in trying to throw everything he's allowed at it to try to keep it from happening. Just like in the full Christmas story.  Tried to murder Mary and Joseph many times. Tried to use who he could. 

He will try to keep Christians from digging deeper into the Word of God. 
He will try to keep unbelievers from the truth of God. 
He will try to keep evil men and impostors in the professing Church to keep people from the truth of God. 

But will he succeed at twisting the minds of believers?  That's up to you. You must give an account of the deeds done in your body.  Everything from the age God holds you accountable til the moment we stand before Christ.  Every decision. Every choice. Including that sacred choice to put an end to a life granted by God to enter this world. 

A life conceived is a life decreed by God to be a part of this world in whom the same promise of John 3:16 applies. 

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