Tuesday, December 14, 2021

God wouldn't dare!

God wouldn't dare!

People today either cry out in disappointment or disbelief at what's befallen them in life. Blaming God for this happening or that happening. 

Refusing to believe or acknowledge their own sin as being at the center of their life's woes.

Read in Joel 2:12-13 NASB ""Yet even now," declares the Lord, "Return to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, weeping, and mourning; and tear your heart and not merely your garments." Now return to the Lord your God, For He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in mercy and relenting of catastrophe. 

We go farther in the chapter to read in verse 17 "Let the priests, the Lord’s ministers, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say "Spare Your people, Lord, and do not make Your inheritance a disgrace, with the nations jeering at them. Why should those among the people's say, "Where is their God?"

The views of the unbelievers are a direct reflection of what they don't or do see in the lives of the Believers of this generation. 

It's within this chapter we see what results from people who have acknowledged their sin and sinful ways.  Verse 28 mentions that after all that comes from God's judgment upon a land, or people, that His Spirit is poured out among the people.  It's indeed referring to these end times in which WE live. 

The rest of Chapter 2, the beginning of Chapter 3 are elements of the book of Revelation.  

It's interesting that my New Testament reading is in Revelation 5 today too

The arrogance of the unbelieving in this world is beginning to boil.  They are inventing even greater abominations and atrocities than in earlier generations. 

They do this and then blame God, when God says "ENOUGH!"

The Scriptures are very explicit in saying that when the fullness of the Gentiles has been accomplished that Jesus will return.  

Yet in our world we don't see that many believers preparing for Jesus to return. 
We see more and more unbelieving people showing more hatred and disdain for God than we do believers showing a lost world the way to salvation!  Those in the fields that Jesus said were ripe for harvest are so few.

The arrogance of the unbelieving shaking their fists at God when He has to continue towards fulfilling the Word of God is ever increasing. 

People raging at their Creator because of what He allowed to happen. 
People raging at the followers of Christ Jesus because it puts a face to their target. 

Would God dare to punish the wicked?  Absolutely!

Would God spare one and not another in a given situation? Absolutely!

The created has no right to give orders to their Creator on their own merits. 

The hard truth in much of our world is way too many Believers aren't living as though they were believers.  They go to church to honestly be warmed and filled with entertainment, not to praise God or worship Him.  So the world sees not God in their lives, but a club that has a membership.  

They then scoff at the God of this Universe at coming to Jesus being a requirement to be saved.  They see nothing to convince them. 

I heard it once said that your life should be your testimony, and if you must, use words in explaining it to others. 

People aren't going to be convinced through arguments.  People need pointed to Jesus. 
Being in a church service or church building isn't going to bring them salvation.  It's their opening their hearts and minds to Jesus Christ alone for salvation that saves.  I can go into a firehouse, and maybe even live there, doesn't make me a fireman. 

Would God dare to judge this world?  Absolutely. He said it's coming, He's given His Word to show many convincing proofs.  

The world would possibly see these proofs more if more Believers lived as believers. 
So many people are doing what they can to not offend the unbelieving. 

Jesus said plainly if they hated Me, they will hate you too.  Living for Jesus comes with consequences.  You're not going to always be popular.  To be hated is to have a target on you by God's enemy.  Satan hates anyone he's lost to salvation in Christ Jesus. 

If your life isn't being lived for Jesus, if you're blending into his world so well that Satan isn't concerned about you being a threat, my Dear Reader, YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM!!!

If you aren't growing in Christ you have a problem!

If your love of this world is greater than your remembrance of your first love, which is in Christ, you have a problem!

If you give excuses for not serving, for your creative ways in which you hate others by calling it something else, if you aren't devoted to your relationship with Jesus then my Dear Reader you are in peril of losing your rewards in Heaven.  Your deeds done in the body will either bestow rewards or you will suffer loss.  Thus it will be for the Believers. 

The unbelieving have nothing to look forward to if we dare not live as the lights in this world. 

Their rage and arrogance indeed will grow because that too is a sign of the times before Christ returns.  But also too Believers not living a life for Jesus Christ are what "Will the Son of Man find the faith when He returns?" is all about. 

Do you lie to yourself about what you allow yourself in life? 
Truthfully creating reasons to hate another human being are sin. 
It matters not your thoughts on the matter.  Matters not because what a believer does or doesn't do either shows people Jesus or shows them the Devil. 

In many passages we read of the urgency in Paul's writing of stirring people up by way of reminder.  If the early Church, in it's stronger Christian base needed reminder, what of us?
If the early Church was plagued with false teachers, you better understand that our generation has thousands of them. If false teaching could creep into the early Church it certainly is there in today's professing Church.

People rage at God when life takes a sudden turn. Regardless of what is seen, God hasn't changed.  He still is on the Throne. Is still working towards the fulfillment of the Bible in its entirety.  Judgment comes in today's world. Greater judgment is coming for all mankind. 
It's not global warming, it's this world being prepared to have its Creator return to judge mankind.  

Are you living for Jesus in all that you do? Striving to please Him in everything? Or are you trying to appease Him and live for your own pleasure?  Their is a reason why Jesus needs workers in the Harvest, because there's coming a time when Harvest season is over. 

Would God dare to judge? Absolutely. So let your light shine among men that people would see the works of God and glorify Him.

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