Friday, December 17, 2021

You Have a Ministry Responsibility

You Have a Ministry Responsibility 

This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations. MATTHEW 24:14 

I remember when television first came out. Many Christians shunned it, believing it was run by the prince of the power of the air. The evil one certainly had his influence in that medium (and still does), but why not use television as a means to proclaim the good news? Why not use radio? Why not use print? Why not use the Internet? Why not use any means at hand to take the message of the Gospel and spread it throughout the whole world? The farther, the better. The faster, the better. The sooner, the better. Until He comes! What Jesus was saying to His disciples was this: “While I was on this earth, I was localized; I could only touch individual men and women in My travels and speak to a few local audiences. But believe Me, after I am gone and the Holy Spirit comes to fill and empower My sons and daughters, then My ministry will be as far spread as Christians are.” So wherever there is a Christian, there is Christ. Wherever there is a believer, there is ministry. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Where do Christians get the wrong thinking that actually leads to a lack of faith?

Where do they get the idea that ministry work is only for men called to be Pastors, Elders or Deacons? For those women called to be Deaconesses.  

Where do they get the ideas that they aren't called of God themselves?

Where do Christians get the idea that they aren't good enough, competent enough or eloquent enough, know enough to serve?

Where?  What we see is Satan getting a foothold in the lives of believers, rendering them ineffective in service to God. 

We see the effects. Doubts by believers in regards to whether or not salvation in Christ Jesus alone is a requirement. Doubts outweighing belief in the power of prayer. 

Look closely at the question by Jesus of would He find the faith when He returns. 

If you are indeed a believer you have a part in God's plan in reaching people for Christ. There are no benches to sit on after you come to Christ.  No sidelines. No excuses!

You have a responsibility to live your life in light of God's Word. You have a responsibility to be a living testimony. You have a responsibility to be in the world but not to be of the world. 

You. Excuses about not being all that good at speaking or physical limitations of your body are not a limitation to the power of the Holy Spirit.  Moses got a stiff reprimand for his attempt to excuse himself.  

It took me decades to realize my Ministry in the way God was intending me to understand it. You are to be seeking God's Will for you. Not your own self interests. To prefer one another above yourself. To bear one another's burdens.  God's will is our sanctification, our becoming more like Christ, not becoming more like the world. 

Here's your assignment, ask God what it is He intended for you to be doing. Leave no room for doubt or for wasted time in worldly pursuits if they will not help you in your walk with Jesus or the furthering of the Gospel. Taking up your own cross leaves little time, energy or effort for worldly ideas or pursuits. 

Do the things you do in life tear people down in any regard that isn't Biblical in its core?  A prime example are in worldly rivalries.  Some wouldn't agree but I would challenge those to prove it to me from the Bible.  Prove your stance, not your argument from God's Word. 

We have no place in the true Church of Jesus Christ for excused reasons to not treat people the way Jesus said they ought to be treated. 

We have no place in the true Church of Jesus Christ for lives not all-in in regards to living out their faith. Pointing people to Jesus and a living hope. 

We have no place in the true Church of Jesus Christ for idolatry in our lives that lowers our sensitivity to the things of God. 

We have a responsibility to be obedient to the things of God that He has given YOU and I to be doing. 

There is no retirement program in the Church. You do what God has for you to be doing until either the Rapture of the Church or He calls you home to Heaven.  

A friend and Teacher of God's Word, Dr. John C. Whitcomb, was still hard at work in his obedience to serving as God called him right up to the night God called him home.  He was way up in years but refused to stop in fulfilling his ministry. Recently his Wife went home to be with Jesus and Dr. Whitcomb. It's been years since I saw her but I imagine the same will be said of her as well.  Serve, learn, walk with Jesus until you are not in this world. 

You have a responsibility and you need to be living in obedience too.

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