Thursday, December 16, 2021

God wins!

God wins!

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants. REVELATION 1:1

Revelation comes from the Greek word apokalupsis, meaning “to uncover” as well as “appearing,” signifying “the coming of Christ.” In Revelation 1:1, it refers to the unveiling of truth that has long been hidden. God reveals truth so that it can change lives, and He expects us to faithfully and accurately share His truth with others. Believers don’t always understand the truths found in the book of Revelation, but “blessed is he who reads [it]” (v. 3). After all, one purpose of the book is to exalt Christ. In these pages, we see Jesus not as the humble servant, but as the glorious King of kings, the Alpha and the Omega, and the Mighty Warrior who thoroughly conquers all His enemies. The persecuted people for whom John wrote this book needed a word of hope, so the apostle assured them that God always rewards faithfulness and that His justice always triumphs over evil. Revelation has continued to offer Christians great hope and inspiration for remaining faithful to Jesus to the end. The reward for perseverance will be wonderful beyond description. We who name Jesus as our Savior and Lord can look forward to being in His presence, worshiping Him face-to-face together with all the faithful, and experiencing God in ever new and magnificent ways. Rest in knowing that God will ultimately triumph and keep every promise He has ever made. The last days are already planned. They will occur exactly as God intends. - Blackaby Being Still With God 

We see or maybe still read at least the headlines of what's going on in the world. 
Long ago an artist had a song out that said plainly "sure could use a little good news today". The song was about needing to hear of good news in a world that really only talked about the evil and bad things happening. How she really just wanted to hear of good things happening. 

A headline we likely will never see is "God WINS! God WINS!"

Well after the 7 year Tribulation, Jesus sets up His rule here on Earth, if there is still such a thing as mainstream media, that's all that will be seen and heard. Jesus will be showing mankind, in person, what leadership is really about. 

We long for peaceful days.  Long for days we aren't stressed out.  Long for this and that to happen. 

Those in Christ Jesus look forward to His return.  Those who yet still walk in the darkness of their understanding still hate the light because it still testifies that their deeds are evil. 

In His return the beginning of the end is what will be happening, not global warming, not social justice or unrest. Those who have come to Christ will be taken from this world in the blink of an eye. Faster than a thought could garner a physical reaction we will be gone, never to know the effects of our leaving.  

In His return, even with the global earthquake and disasters that will come as a result of believers in every occupation being removed, this world will prematurely celebrate us not being here. Satan will move in like never before to assert himself in world affairs. Practically unhindered. The Holy Spirit will stop restraining him from doing so.  But he will not do entirely as he pleases because the last of Bible prophecy will be getting fulfilled. God wins!

We look at the birth of Christ Jesus this time of year and His beginning, but we miss the things in His beginning that heralded His end of His ministry. We miss the parts of the Christmas story of the parts of the Bible that came true.  We miss the meaning of each part of even His place of birth, what He was wrapped in. 

In today's world we miss the evidence of His pending return. We miss the truths spoken of as warnings from Peter, Paul, John and others. We miss the evidence right before us of the Spirit of God telling us to be ready. 

How much is your career, your possessions, even the clothes on your back, going to mean to you should the Rapture happen today, maybe even within the very next few hours, if you still haven't chosen Jesus as Lord of your life? If you haven't come to Him for salvation before it happens, you will still be here, living through the horrific time afterwards. 

Matthew 16:26 NASB says "For what good will it do a person if he gains the whole world, but forfeits his soul? Or what will a person give in exchange for his soul?" That question was asked by Jesus Himself.  

"But I am not ready to give up on living my life!" Same thing as what He is asking.  
"I will but not yet." Dear Reader, do you know more about the mind of God the Father than He does as to when He will tell Jesus it's time for the Rapture to happen?
Are you so much more wiser than God in regards to understanding when the events of the Bible will happen?

Are you still yet deceived in regards to the truth about Heaven, Hell and what is going to happen next?

The first Left Behind book spells it out pretty well.  Families will simply, in an instant, find children gone, babies gone, adults of all ages gone. Cars, trucks, planes, construction equipment suddenly unmanned will cause incalculable damage and destruction.  Add to it a global earthquake not felt in centuries if it has ever happened before.  Planes will crash. If anyone is left up on the space station they could find themselves stuck there.

People who thought they were saved but honestly had never given their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ for salvation will find themselves still here. People who thought they had time to decide will find their time had run out. 

I personally believe that at least in part, the global earthquake is caused by the jubilant celebration in Heaven as countless trillions of people stand and rejoice because they know WHY Jesus was getting up from His Throne. They know what it means. 

Horror awaits those who enter the Tribulation. You think the last year or so of being forced to change your way of life has been bad, oh it will be worse. You likely don't consider yourself a worshipper of any person on this planet, but you will be forced to. You will be lied to in order to get you to do just that. You will see and know the judgments of God coming true before your very eyes.  Billions dying.  Forget thousands or millions.  Try billions. One third of mankind.  Take it that say 8 billion are on this world.  2 billion six hundred forty million people will die in 1 judgment alone.  

But that doesn't need to be you!

My Dear Reader, you don’t have to go there or live in that time.  You can stop right here right now and turn to a living hope in salvation in Christ Jesus!  You can claim His victory over sin, death and the grave right now. You can rejoice with those who rejoice in knowing that when, not if, Jesus comes you won't be here. I can promise you that this blog will end only after the Father tells Jesus it's time.

God wants His victory to be your victory.  He wants to show you what your life can be not what it has been.  He doesn't want you spending eternity separated from Him. He loved you enough to leave His perfect Heaven to live as one of us, to die for our sins and make a way to be saved!

The end of humanity is nearer than anyone thinks. I can literally spell it out for you. Timeline is this: we have from this very second till the Rapture. Next is the 7 year Tribulation as outlined in the book of Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible. Followed by 1,000 years of Jesus ruling the world from Jerusalem. Shortly thereafter the world will get behind Satan's last push to take God's Throne and then that's it. No more. Those that survive the Tribulation will be those who live in the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ. That's all from the Bible.  

God WINS. My friend, don't hesitate between two opinions. Satan wants nothing more than you to remain undecided. He wants you to believe you aren't all that bad, that overall you've been a good person, that God will look at that and let you into Heaven.  That's NOT what the Bible says. Those who believe that are filling up Hell every single second...right now.

Please don't delay in choosing. Jesus Himself said: "“But about that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." Matthew 24:36 NASB Jesus awaits only for His Father to say its time.  The only thing left, that I am aware of, is that last person who is to be saved, being saved, before the door of opportunity is closed. If you read in Genesis about the global flood and Noah's ark, it was the Lord Jesus Christ who closed that door of opportunity too. He held that door shut for the duration of the flood. There were no locks on that door. It was His obedience to His Father's Will that had Him do that.  Just as it will be today, as per Jesus as He said of today.  Noah and his family were already inside waiting. We who are alive and are saved are doing the same. Waiting for Jesus to close that door. 

Please know that God's not wanting anyone to die apart from God!  He has left the choice to you. But go to the end of the Bible. God WINS. Please don't go into today without knowing if you are going to go to Heaven at His call to "COME!!" His victory can be yours today. 

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