Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Incidentally, It Only Takes 1 Sin...

Incidentally, It Only Takes One...
By David Brenneman 

Takes one what? Sin...to land you in Hell. Yes, that's what it takes to miss the mark, to not be able to enter Heaven.  A single sin.

In our age of people instantly recording videos in an instant, recording the 'fails' of people are the most popular. People who's mistakes are recorded and in seconds viewed by millions. 

The most heartbreaking are those that in reality are people who were just shy of the finish line. Those that ran out of time or distance. The anguish and despair are oh so real. 

At the Final Judgment of King Jesus Christ there will be countless trillions of people who will find they missed the mark, didn't finish the race, who lose out on eternity. 

No God's not ever going to just look at how 'good' someone is. Not ever going to just weigh the supposed good a person has done versus their bad and allow them into Heaven.  If that ever could be the case then all that Jesus went through was for nothing. 

The coming to earth as a baby. 
The being chased out of the country by Herod. 
The growing up as a human. 
The whole human experience. 
The crucifixion. The horror of being separated from His Father. The sins of all mankind in all human history being heaped upon Him. 
The resurrection. 

Jesus went through it all so that we wouldn't have to. We have that option to come to Christ for salvation. We can finish the race well. Can cross that line as a winner with time to spare. 

Jesus said that apart from Him you can do nothing. You can't truly live life. You cannot escape the judgment to come. You cannot enter into His Heaven. 

No human being in any or all parts of human history have or ever will be able to remove even one single sin from their lives on their own. 

We receive justification only through Jesus Christ. Justification: Justify: Just as if I never sinned. 

We have to have salvation in Christ Jesus to have sins expunged from the record of our lives.  It's the only way. 

You have to determine what's most important, living life your way, at risk at all times of falling short of what you need to truly live, or coming to Him now to be saved.  To be exonerated, to win before you ever touch the finish line. 

There are already trillions in Hell who put themselves ahead of their need to be saved. In an instant millions per day wake up as losers in Hell. You are born in sin so unless you do come to Christ and do ask to receive His free gift of salvation, you will find yourself in that same place. 

There is no other way to find your sins removed from your life. 

There's no way to win this entry into Heaven without Jesus as your Savior. 

You and you alone must come to Christ. Nobody can do it for you.  Nobody can pray you out of Hell. Money does no good either. You cannot die for anyone to get them out. Once a person dies without Christ Jesus as their Savior, they go to Hell, that place of torment and anguish, of weeping and gnashing of teeth. A place still being filled with those who failed at life.

You don't have to join them. 
You can turn to a living hope in Christ Jesus today!  Don't let another second go by because you are not promised even a today to live. Your very breath is borrowed. 

The gift of Salvation is free, but it is a limited time offer. Once Jesus returns those who have died in Christ rise from the dead first then those of us who remain who are alive in Him will join Him. Then the wrath of God will be poured out on the earth and against mankind for seven years. Billions more will die and gorge Hell quickly. It doesn't have to be your future. 

It only takes being born to have that infection of sin. 

It only takes coming to Christ for salvation to find the cure and secure crossing the finish line of life in time.

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