Sunday, January 30, 2022

Anxiety and Life

Anxiety and Life 

You would think that a "simpler" life would provide for an environment of less stress and less anxiety. However, it's producing a degree of it in me from this transition from "the big city" to this smaller-by-comparison city in which we now live.

It was actually a relief to hear of another at last night's Bible Study experiencing anxiety and they've been in the faith a whole lot longer than me.

I have no understanding as to why I feel what I am feeling.  I am honestly confused because there is less going on and less of a demand on my time than what we left.

It's possible that there's something to our desire to get the new place completely in place that could be driving part of it.  What work is looking for in me is both exciting and scares me at the same time. I am not used to this type of work environment. 

I look at opportunities and wonder about them and if God wants me to go forward with them or to wait. 

Add to the mix the way that the weather is being.  

Little things can easily add up I guess.  It certainly produces more interesting prayer times.  

I look forward to what God's got in mind and am really wanting to do things the way that God is looking to have them done.

Life is probably going to eventually get to be simpler.  When it gets there I probably won't recognize it.

I know that God's not left me. I know that He is still watching over us. I know that no matter how I sin, He indeed will forgive me.  

Probably the worst thing people can tell people is that their feelings aren't valid.  

Feelings are very valid for those going through them.  Prayer is a key to dealing with it.  I would appreciate prayers for myself and those who I now know who are going through it as well. 

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