Wednesday, January 26, 2022

You're GUILTY!!!

You are GUILTY, Yes we all are!

The first real emotional reaction of Adam and Eve was blame shifting and denial. For twp people who had full use of perfect brains and had just eaten of the tree of knowledge, their intelligence was lacking. They, if you look at it from a different perspective, might have had the ability to know and understand great thoughts and ideas, yet lying and deceitfulness was new to them. So was the concept of consequences of their actions. 

Look at the later precautions that Jesus had to do.  Stationing angels with weapons to keep Adam and Eve and all their future offspring out of Eden.  It is apparent that someone would indeed think to force their way in. 

The roots of our inborn sin nature can and are traced back to these two.  We have foolish intellectuals teaching people for hundreds of years at a minimum of how people were supposedly to have lived back then.  That they weren't anywhere as advanced as we are today.  In one respect this is actually correct.  We aren't anywhere near how advanced they were back then.  

Archeological finds that God has allowed to survive the Genesis Flood provided more than compelling evidence that they were far more advanced than modern technology. Even the likes of NASA keep investigating satellites in orbit that no modern country ever put there.

Guilty is our verdict from before we are born.  While 'good' people exist in the eyes of God’s established definition of good, all are guilty. There's no one good, not one.  For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That means everyone ever born except Jesus. 

Belief in God or in His Son not withstanding it doesn't take a lot to recognize evil in this world. 
We legalize the murder of human beings in the womb and punish people for ideologies or for cutting down a protected species of tree with possible death sentences.  We are perfectionists at looking the other way. We celebrate destruction of property at the hands of protesting people.  We redefine what God established in who and what we are born as and celebrate it by forcing everyone else to accept it. We celebrate living together and essentially condemn marriage.  Speaking about God, of the Bible, of what is found in Christ Jesus can get you killed in 24 hours in some parts of the world. 

We are indeed guilty.  We aren't making mistakes every day we sin every day. Redefining what we do against God's Word doesn't change God's Word or God's mind.  Sin is sin is sin. 

We think one erroneous thought about someone else, be it lust or wishing them harm...guilty of sinning.   We intentionally circumvent what God has told us to do we sin. We intentionally or even unintentionally speak words that are against God's name or His Word there's another. 

Griping against God's Word. Telling God that can't be right, there's another. 

Using God's Name in vain.  There's another.  

But the greatest sin ever is dying with refusing salvation in Christ Jesus. Refusing the answer to our inborn sin. Refusing to come to the One who can wipe away the guilty verdict. 

You my Dear Reader, if you haven't come to Christ, will try to defend yourself without anyone else in the day of Judgment before God. You will point to all the good you have done in your life and regardless of how much that may be, GUILTY is the verdict.  You never could get enough good into your life to remove that sin you were born with, without coming to Christ for salvation. 

I do believe in what is often referred to as the age of accountability.  That a knowledge of good and bad has to be present for a person to be fully condemned.  Babies cannot decide good from evil. Those with mental health problems as well.  Those mentally under developed as well.  When you are old enough to understand the plan of salvation is when I think that you've reached that age of accountability.  I came to that understanding in 1974.  But easily for several years before that I knew how to sin through disobedience to my parents.  

But I can't see where I have done anything wrong! You might say.  The place to look is in the Bible.  God's Word has never changed, nor will it ever.  What God has established has been protected by the Spirit of God for thousands of years.  Mankind is who tries to twist words to get out of guilt.  To explain away their sin as mistakes and to keep on doing what's wrong in God's eyes.  The Bible says that knowing the good we ought to be doing and not doing it is sin.
Intentionally doing something sinful is sin. Regardless of how you look at it, you cannot prove the Words of God wrong. Your redefining sin in order to keep on finding pleasure in it doesn't take away the guilt of it. 

We are all guilty unless we come to Jesus Christ for salvation. 
Salvation is free. No strings attached. We acknowledge our need for a Savior, who is Jesus Christ.  We ask Jesus to forgive us and He does!  We ask Jesus to be Lord of our lives.  To cast our sins as far as the east is from the west, as He promised to do.  We begin a new life that seeks to honor Him because of what He has done for us.  Our guilty verdict is erased. 
We are justified in Christ.  Some say it as "just as if I had never sinned" as the definition of justified.  He then begins the work of sanctification to help in not continuing to sin by making us more like Christ who knew no sin.

That's the only way to not be guilty.  I had a dream of a man who fought to defend himself and just as he thought he had won against God, looked down into Hell thinking that vision of paradise was real.  After his short lived celebration he was escorted to an entrance of Hell by who he thought were angels until that vision of paradise was replaced by violent flames of fire. Those supposed angels transformed into demons and picked him up and tossed him in. One of them exclaimed "We got another one!".  He was a very deceived man.  

In our world we will easily find deceitfulness everywhere.  We will find life happening to keep us from the truth about what comes next after we die.  But everyone will know enough of the truth of God to be saved if they choose it. But all must choose it. The offer is on God's table but you must pick it up to claim it.  You must choose to come to Christ to be saved.  The Bible says that everyone will be without excuse when they stand before Christ.  

Come to Christ Jesus while you still have time to choose. It is a limited time offer. 

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