Thursday, January 6, 2022

I Believe, Do You? Your Actions Tell the Truth

I Believe, Do You? Your Actions Tell the Truth 

Faith without works is dead. JAMES 2:20 

I believe some chicken soup will help Johnny get over his cold,” said Grandma as she put a chicken in the pot, peeled some vegetables, and prepared the tonic. Later that afternoon, she said, “I believe those flowers need some water.” She filled her watering can and gave them a good dousing. “I believe I need a good night’s sleep,” she said that evening and headed toward bed. Grandma’s “I believes” were all followed by activities, illustrating a vital point: we behave according to our beliefs. As James put it, “I will show you my faith by my works” (2:18). Faith leads to action, and faith in God leads to obedience. He hasn’t asked us to put our trust in warm, fuzzy feelings about Him. He tells us to put our trust in the revelation He has already given—His Word. When we obey, we are exercising faith. If you want an accurate measurement of your faith, see if you’re obeying God’s commands. George MacDonald once said, “You can begin at once to be a disciple of the Living One—by obeying Him in the first thing you can think of in which you are not obeying Him. We must learn to obey Him in everything, and so must begin somewhere. Let it be at once, and in the very next thing that lies at the door of our conscience.” - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

It's an interesting exercise to review your own 'I believe's'. 

Look at what makes up your life.  It really is a reflection of what you believe. 
Look at what you put up with. Does it conflict with what you say that you believe?
Look at what you don't allow in your life. Why don't you allow those things?

Your beliefs shape your life. To be a Disciple of Jesus Christ means you are setting aside what you think and believe and are replacing it with all that the Spirit is teaching you to believe. 

If you, my Dear Reader, are holding onto things that are not God honoring, are not growing you in respect to salvation, then you are showing what you believe. You are showing that your ways are better than God's ways!  It matters not what your lips say if you are intentionally living a life contrary to what God wants to do with and in you. 

I look back on what the Spirit shows me and can see how He's been shaping my beliefs. 

How His intentional changes in my life have been bringing me into a life that honors God more, that produces more praise, brings more prayer. 

Letting go so that God can work is essential. 

If you are only looking for peace and prosperity you're only going to be met with disappointment.  Jesus told us up front what to expect when we came to Christ for salvation. 
Our home, our reward is in Heaven.  The god of this world is at war with all who put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation.  I believe what the Bible says concerning this and its shaped my life. 

I believe that prayer changes life, mine and the lives of those brought to mind. 
I believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures. That it's more powerful than a two-edged sword. Able to divide soul and spirit. 
I believe in the necessity of the truth of the cross of Jesus to be repeated and proclaimed. It changes the lives of all who come to it for the forgiveness of sins. To now be known as the Sons and Daughters of God. 
I believe in the uplifting power of songs, hymns and spiritual songs. It moves our focus off our situations and puts us in Heavens Throne room giving praise and thanks to the One who loves us more than we can know or understand. 
I believe in the Spirit’s work in shaping my life. Things make more sense when I turn over more of my life to His direction. 
I get it yet?

What you focus on, what you really believe, shapes your worldview. 

If you are going to embrace as much peace and prosperity as you can, you just might be telling the Spirit to go somewhere else, you're ok.

If you are going to embrace things of this world and they are more important to you than your walk with Jesus that speaks volumes about what you believe. 

If your zeal and passion are found in other places than only with speak volumes about your beliefs.  Satan loves to get people to take what belongs to God and put it somewhere else.  Praise, honor, adoration, time, energy, money, effort, all should be with God first.  Nothing else. Truly, being in the presence of Christ in Heaven, nobody there is desiring what possessions or anything they used to do here on Earth. Nobody misses football or basketball or anything.  They get to praise Jesus and probably present prayers for those they left behind.  They really could care less about how anything of this world is doing other than how close is it to Jesus returning. 

What if you shaped your beliefs around that?

You will find opposition to the things of God in all the things that you want to do for God. 
You will find yourself struggling to let go of stuff. You will find yourself warring with your soul over letting go of possessions.  You want to live a God honoring life?  Truth is the letting go part hurts the worst.  You create a void that you MUST fill with something God honoring.  
It's not an episode of Hoarders where they just cleaned out and cleaned up a place. Without due diligence those people will go right back to the same problem.  

Jesus said the same of a person released from demon possession.  If that person wasn't going to come to Christ, whereas the Spirit would live in them, many more demons would return and the state of that person would be far worse than before. 

Yes I do believe in demon possession.  I have seen it and have touched a demon possessed person. In a church. It actually was the pastor.  It is very real and as we read in the New Testament it is exceedingly dangerous to try to deal with them on our own. 

You must decide if being all-in for living for Jesus is what you believe.  Jesus said you can't be lukewarm with it. He will spit you out. 

You must decide if what's in your life belongs there or is in the way of the Spirit’s work in you. 

Look at your possessions. Do they reflect a Christ follower?
Look at your time you spend. Does it reflect a Christ follower?
Look at your thoughts. Does it reflect a Christ follower?
Look at your deeds. Does what you do reflect a Christ follower?

Your answers tell the truth about what you believe. 

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