Monday, January 3, 2022

What You See Isn't What You Ge

What You See Isn't What You Get

You are my hope, O Lord GOD; You are my trust from my youth. PSALM 71:5 

Sometimes during trials we focus so intently on our experience that we forget to focus on God. But the psalmist didn’t. Over and over in this psalm he calls to mind the character and attributes of God: His glory, His power and strength, and His faithfulness. And five times he mentions God’s righteousness. The one thing that we must never lose sight of in the midst of our own suffering is the righteousness and goodness of God. It is because of God’s inherent goodness that we are able to trust Him in all things. When you are in the middle of trials, everyone will have an opinion or a suggestion or a remedy—and if they are from people you trust, you should consider them. But after all is said and done, there is only one thing that you can put all your trust in, and that is the character of God. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

We live in a results oriented world. 

If you skim through LinkedIn or the news outlets you see people constantly measuring data for a desired result. 

You look at various crises in this world and what do you see? People wanting instant satisfaction, justice on their terms with no delay. 

You who are without Christ Jesus as your Savior? One second after you die you will not find yourself in Heaven. You will find that payment for your sin that is due is to begin immediately. 

People the world over die at some point. As the saying goes nobody gets out of this world alive.  Well only 1 did. Jesus.

Satan's plan for all is various ways of deception. To fool people into various impulses and desires.  To get them to dismiss the true consequences. To get people to be so taken in that they die without salvation in Christ Jesus. 

For Believers his game plan is severely restricted.  He entices as far as he is permitted. He looks for any foothold he can get to cause them to stumble. To lose focus on Christ. 

He will use whatever we let him. Let that sink in. 

He will be very persuasive. He's a liar and the father of lies.  Adam and Eve had perfect brains, 100% use of them, and they were easily deceived. We aren't even close to their brainpower. 

Arrogance is one of his prime methods. Self-confidence of the wrong kind. 
Causing people to not look at things in this world the way God does. 

Unless you come to Christ, 
Unless you submit to the Will of God, 
Unless you obey as the Spirit teaches you, 
You will struggle needlessly in this life. 

I, no doubt, have more things in my life that the Spirit is working on.  
I can only show and tell what God's doing in me. 

The greatest problem with helping others is they have to admit that there's a problem. 

It astounds me to see people who are Believers so engrossed in the things of this world and yet wonder why they have so many things happening.  

They can't be told because they refuse to acknowledge what God says about those things. 

It's easily found in the Bible of our giving an account of the deeds we do in this body. 
We find so many excuses to not let go of the things that trip us up.
We find so many reasons to not let go and let God do what needs to happen in our lives. 
We will listen to the so-called experts of this world but not the Word of God AS WRITTEN. 

The Bible says of the Lord Jesus Christ that He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. 

So tell me, my Dear Reader, where in that statement of Himself is there any variation, any shadow of a doubt as to what He stands for and what He won't accept or allow?

Lust, idolatry, the list goes on, has been ingrained in sinful mankind since the curse of sin began.  Redefining it is never going to absolve a single sin for what it is.

Scripture says we are at war with the flesh, we are at war with the god of this world. 

So if we believe the Bible, then we take God at His Word.  

To be holy as He is Holy is to separate from the way the world lives and does things. 

What you see in this life doesn't show you what it does to you. 

What you see isn't what you get.  As the Scriptures also say what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Regardless of what we see happening in the lives of people who have passed on, if they have never come to Christ for salvation, they are in Hell.  They could have brought laughter to millions but without Christ will wake up in Hell.  They could have been in foreign countries serving people less fortunate, without Christ will wake up in Hell.  They could be an upstanding pillar of the community, without Christ will wake up in Hell.  Satan doesn't want anyone to realize this truth. He wants people to believe that the good they think they have done will matter to God. Without Christ Jesus for salvation all good works are rubbish in the eyes of God. 

You may see health and prosperity in your life, without Christ, it means that should you die, you will end up in Hell.  

Satan's schemes teach many ways to get to God. This is but one set of schemes. 
God says that Jesus is the only way to get to Heaven, that is, to be with Jesus. 

I challenge you to pray, ask God to show you where your eyes have failed you. 
I challenge you to pray, ask God to heal your Spiritual eyes so that you see this world and your life as He does. 

You will give an account for your deeds done in your body. 
Believers for what they did or didn't do for Christ Jesus. 
Unbelievers for to show them all that their deeds never measured up to God's standards. 
Regardless, if your name is not found in the book of Life, written there only by the Spirit of God, to condemnation you will go.

I have more areas of my life to align with what God is needing to do in me. 
I regret that I have wasted so much time and so much money on things that do not profit God's plan and purpose for me being in this world at this point in History. 

Do not be deceived for God is not mocked. There's no joking around about eternity. 
There's no joking around with living out God's plan for you. 
There's going to be a day when we stand before Jesus. Alone. By ourselves.

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