Saturday, March 26, 2022

And So Prove to Be Doers of the Word

And So Prove to Be Doers of the Word 

The kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them . . . to each according to his own ability. 

Father, Your Word says that the one to whom I present myself as a slave to obey, I am that one’s slave whom I obey. One and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one of us believers individually as He wills. The manifestation of Your Spirit, Lord God, is given to me for the profit of all. As I have received a gift, I am to minister it to others, as a good steward of Your manifold grace. It is required of me, a steward, that I be found faithful. For to me whom much is given, from me much will be required; and to me, much has been committed; of me more will be asked. Who is sufficient for these things? I can do all things through Your Son, Jesus Christ, who strengthens me. 

Lord God, thank You for entrusting me with gifts by which to serve Your church. Guide me and strengthen me as I use them for Your glory. 

MATTHEW 25:14–15; ROMANS 6:16; 1 CORINTHIANS 12:11, 7; 1 PETER 4:10; 1 CORINTHIANS 4:2; LUKE 12:48; 2 CORINTHIANS 2:16; PHILIPPIANS 4:13

Dr. David Jeremiah Life-Changing With God 

So what of you? By your life, by your actions, is there enough evidence to say what was said of Peter?  That which he denied that was indeed true of him before the cock crowed?  That you speak like Him, that you were with Him?

You who are in Christ, need to be Doers of the Word. Not hearers only. 

Some may say that they fail God often.  Guess what? He knew that you would. It is no more of a surprise for Him concerning you than it was for Peter on the night he did what he did. As I also read regarding this, this morning, when Jesus restored Peter He never demanded he confess his sin.  But rather confess his love for Jesus. 

Failure is not a reason to keep from striving to please God in all that we do. 

The phrase that has never been heard in Heaven is "WOW! I didn't see that coming...".

You and I will fail. We will stumble and fall down. Jesus will be there to set us back up on our feet.  Reminding us that we are still loved. It's on us to proclaim our love towards Jesus. 

I have written in recent weeks about seeking where and what God's got in mind for me in my new hometown. That search is narrowing as of yesterday. 

You and I have a responsibility in Christ. 
You and I will give an account of that responsibility someday. 

Are you in God's Word?  That's a responsibility.
Are you obeying?  That's another. 
Praying? That's another. 
Setting your mind on things above? Yup. That's another. 

The commands of Jesus aren't suggestions.  They are responsibilities. Part of the job description for Believers. 

Look at your life and be honest with you.
There's no time for games when lives are on the line. 

Are you making what's God's priority your priority?  

You may indeed face opposition. So did the Apostles. You may find that God wants you to move. May find that He doesn't but wants you to spend your time and money differently.  He may tell you to drive some distance to really worship Him for you haven't done it in so long. 

You who are in Christ will face tribulations, trials if you will, in this life. The intent is gold under fire. We are being refined until the gold shines forth.  There's going to be times when Jesus allows the fire to be turned up in order to remove impurities. 

Pray without ceasing isn't a suggestion. 
We have things to do in Christ Jesus. Faith without works is dead the Bible says. 

Works don't save you or I, but they are proofs of being saved.  A lamp works at burning in order to prove evidence of a flame. 

We have work to be done before Jesus returns to take His Church from this world.   The Great Tribulation is about Israel and Daniel's 70th week, it's not about the Church.  The Spirit steps out of the way and the wrath of God is sent forth onto the Earth and mankind as outlined in the book of Revelation and other places in the Scriptures.   Until the Rapture we who are in Christ shouldn't be sitting on the sidelines. So don't just sit there my friend...DO SOMETHING for Jesus!

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