Thursday, March 24, 2022

Lord! Help My Unbelief!

Lord! Help My Unbelief!

Lord, I believe; help my unbelief! MARK 9:24 

None of the “heroes of the faith” described in Hebrews 11 was perfect. They all had lapses in their faith. Take Abraham. When a famine struck Canaan, he rushed to Egypt, where he became so fearful he lied about his wife (Genesis 12:10–20). How did Abraham recover? In Genesis 13:1–4, he returned to his altar at Bethel, “and there Abram called on the name of the LORD.” When we realize our faith is faltering, we need to go back to our place of commitment, and call on the name of our Lord. The Christian statesman George Müller was a spiritual giant, but this is what he once said about his faith: My faith is the same faith which is found in every believer. It has been increased little by little for the last 26 years. Many times when I could have gone insane from worry, I was at peace because my soul believed the truth of God’s promises. God’s Word, together with the whole character of God . . . settles all questions. His unchangeable love and His infinite wisdom calmed me. I knew, “God is able and willing to deliver me.” It is written, “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32) - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

I, more often than not, can find myself running face first into a wall of doubt.  It's not that hard.  Many who think they know me interpret this as my being troubled.  

I interpret many decisions based on a Scripture.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Anything else is not of God.  Jesus says you are either obeying or not. There's no middle ground. 

There's no room for "mostly" obeying.  If you aren't in obedience you are in disobedience. 

It can cause you to be stretched.  You can see in the Gospels where how they viewed life was changed for the Disciples.  It was the point of becoming a Disciple, to alter their path in life to live like the Teacher they committed to following. 

These days it can be difficult to be one thing or another in your choices.  In this woke thing people aren't satisfied with your words. They demand a demonstration of your words.  In this I see how life will inevitably become during the Tribulation.  You who are here for it will not be allowed to live as you think, but live as you are told and will have to demonstrate your devotion to the world leader. 

Choices and decisions can be difficult when your thinking is "binary" as someone described of my thinking.  Binary is mostly attributed to the way a computer works. With only 1's and 0's for everything.  We live life with the poison of sin. Sin wants people to stay away from the purity of a solid Yes or No. 

Sin wants people to doubt just enough to keep people from obeying as the Bible teaches. Just enough to prevent a semblance of peace in a soul.  Look at the time Jesus was in the wilderness to be tempted.  The Spirit sent Him there. Jesus was tempted in every way yet was found to be without sin. Jesus’s responses to Satan were a solid response. No in-between answers. 

We often think of ways to manipulate our words in prayer to get what we want from God. How close can we get to something that He undoubtedly has said no to in order to get a yes out of Him.  

Think about your relationship with Christ.  Think about your obedience. Think about your choices and decisions...are they God honoring or are they self-serving?  Are they based on you or on the holiness that is in Christ Jesus?  Look at the questions.  It's that binary thinking that I get labeled as being troubled for. You cannot serve two masters.  Sound familiar?

You must decide who you are living for.  I have indeed prayed that simple prayer of "Lord! Help My Unbelief!".  It's not wrong to pray it or even to admit your need for praying it. I want to be stronger in my walk with Jesus.  I want to be found by Him doing what He put me here to be doing.  I want to be commended by Him, not to be standing in shame because I have been revealed as having lived for myself.  

Are you thinking yet about who you are serving? Are you thinking yet about the things of God that make for a Godly life?  Are you seeking to grow in Christ or are you trying to seek only what maked you happy?  

I am often misunderstood by people but I am never misunderstood by my Savior. I look at things differently than most people that I have encountered.  As the hymn says "Living for Jesus a life that is true. Striving to please Him in all that I do."  People living for themselves won't understand the things of God.  Scripture says that everyone does what is right in their own eyes. Scripture days that the light of Christ illuminates the darkness of this world. It reveals sin and sinful lives. People will either reject or accept their need for salvation. Again a binary situation. There in the book of Revelation Jesus separates the saved from the unsaved. The sheep from the goats. The people who have been sealed in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit from those who are not.  More evidence of no shifting shadows in Christ Jesus. 

Help my Unbelief...oh Lord help me to walk through this life in obedience to your Word. 

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