Friday, March 11, 2022

Reality is this: Not Everything is Going to Go Your Way

Reality is this:  Not Everything is Going to Go Your Way 
This certainly has been evident with me this week. 

I still have the words of the Spirit ringing in my head: hang on.

Physically I am going through some things.  On the surface at least it looks like I over did it and it's going to take me a while to come back to normal. 

Emotionally I am on a roller-coaster. Many ups and downs this week. Family visits, my issues with social interactions. My needing to stop what plans we had to get vehicle's fixed. 

Spiritually I this has been rough.  Having to press on regardless of my thoughts on things is difficult.  

Some interpret my actions and reactions in a light that's less than accurate.  In no way am I asking God to remove what's happening short of asking for healing.  But rather to see us through what's happening. 

Some have suggested that maybe God's telling me to slow down.  No...this wouldn't be Biblical in my view of Romans 12.  We are to be using the gifts that the Spirit has given us, not sitting on them.  The cells in my body do the most good when properly connected to the rest of my body, doing what God designed them to do. 

Paul felt great pressure to both spread the gospel as well as to check up on those he had already visited.  Somehow I doubt that those around him told him that he was being anxious for anything.  

We need to be faithful in what God has put before us to do.  Jesus showed that He was faithful in what the Father put before Him to do.  That's our example.  You can see that even Jesus was going through difficult times in doing so.  He overcame. 

Our time on Earth is limited. 
We who are in Christ were given God-centric things to be doing.  Satan's whispers are to put it off til tomorrow.  To give up. That we aren't strong enough. That we aren't good enough. That God's obviously not listening. That these things show that we aren't really saved.  That the sins still evident in our lives are proof of all this. 

Jesus overcame all that.

Oh I will initially react wrong at times but I eventually come back to be praying about the things in my life.  My first responsibilities are in being a living sacrifice as Romans 12 says. Then to be living out what the Spirit has gifted me with doing as my part of the body of Christ.  It isn't for me to live for my own success, joy or entertainment.  It isn't for me to put my wants before what God wants. 

I try to be open and honest with all of you as I am with God in my prayers.  

I know the most important fact of life: Jesus is returning soon.

Do you know Him? The Pharisees and Sadducees knew ABOUT Him but extremely few KNEW Him. Satan and his Demons know ABOUT God. If you don't KNOW Him as Savior then you are as bad off as they are. Condemned to spend eternity separated from God in torment, paying for your own sins. Coming to Christ, He wipes away that penalty of sin. Cleans the slate. Makes the way by being the Way to Heaven.  Living for Jesus is what the lives of believers are supposed to be about. It's our acceptable service of worship. 

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