Sunday, March 20, 2022

Hearing by the Word of God

Hearing by the Word of God

This link indeed is legitimate. I have the NASB on MP3 done by Don McConachie.  What reading does, this does many times over.  Sitting with eyes closed to listen through the Bible is beyond different than any fantasy book written by man. 

Only a few days after Mr. McConachie finished the final touches on the New Living translation on MP3, God took him home.  

As interesting as this may sound, and as self promoting as it may come across, you do indeed get sucked into what you are listening to, but in every good way!

I challenged myself years ago, while able to listen to things at work, to listen through the Bible. I found that I was able to listen through it in less than 2 weeks at mostly 8 hours per day.  

What was unexpected was the mental visuals that accompanied listening to the NASB on audio. 

Several websites and other sources, such as CD and cassette are available if you look for them. Apps like Bible Gateway you can listen. 

In our world we seek to escape into very unworthwhile things, games, sports, movies, television and videos.  Some use adapters that literally put your phone on your head to immerse you in the experience. 

There's no comparison to the Living Word of God coming alive in your mind as scenes unfold. I can and will certainly testify that it was like you were there.

Romans 10:17 NASB "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ."

I come with a disconnect in being able to memorize Scripture. I am constantly struggling with that.  I may indeed know the words but don't recall where they are found.  I use Google often to get the locations. 

It is a very transformative experience if you have never done so.  I have no doubt that after the Rapture of the Church all digital Bibles will be removed. To have a paper copy will be considered illegal and probably get someone a death sentence. Severe? Not when the Bible says that those who remain will be forced to worship the AntiChrist, the new World Leader. Those who don't, will not be able to buy or sell.  We read this in the book of Revelation. We read that those who oppose will be beheaded. We see an all out attempt by the forces of Satan to exterminate Christians and Jews.  Genocide is what it would be called today, yet when he does it the world will accept his judgment concerning it.  Those who do not receive salvation through Jesus Christ stand condemned.  For those in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation. The Bible says so. 

In Christ Jesus is found salvation only. If you haven't come to Him yet, you still have some time. After He returns to take home the living who are in Christ and those who have died in Christ, salvation in Christ will be incredibly difficult. It will happen but at great cost. 

Listen to God's word today...listen for yourself to what He has to say to you. 

This post is more of an invitation than a lesson I guess. It's not to say that another post isn't coming. God's done that before too.  

Hearing by the Word of God.  Until I tried it, I never knew what I learned from it.

I will probably be listening through it again soon.  I bought the MP3 versus just using it online due to what is coming. That banning of all forms of the Bible after the Rapture.  

In many ways some of what I own is geared towards helping someone who will find it after God takes me home to find Him. Listen through the Bible. Indeed it will speak to you. It will indeed leave a footprint on your heart and soul. 

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