Sunday, March 6, 2022

I Have Days Too

I Have Days Too 

I too have days when peace is only sort of there. When life seems distant from what I was expecting or wanting. 

I too think about the future in its various layers.  By this I mean immediate future, the next several days, then several weeks, and so on. 

I am no stranger to fearing what's appearing to be coming my way.  I quite often don't understand it. Trusting in God doing something is a large part of the Christian experience. 

I have a fear of many things. The unknown is often at the top of the list.  I seek different things than most people do in life.  In many circles in the last 21 years it's branded me as being problematic or troublesome. 

Seeking God is among the first things in my day.  I have a nearly 20 minute drive to work and we talk.

I still am unsure about many things in my life. Nothing new in that regard. I know that I am getting older and my body isn't doing as well as it used to. Ironically when I was out of shape I felt better. 

I try to always pray with a sincere heart. To see where I am being lead n take what steps God puts before me.

Peace isn't always with me.  I indeed wrestle not against flesh and blood.  Ephesians 2:12 NASB "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."  Write a blog that God tells you to write and things certainly will be interesting. 

I also fight conflicting desires. I desire to succeed at things in life but the conflict is between desiring what I want and what God wants.

Prayer is my cornerstone in getting through the day.  I know that Jesus is coming soon.  I just don't know how soon. 
I know that life is to be lived, but am concerned about wasting it with that which helps nobody find Jesus. God indeed uses broken things to bring people together in ways they otherwise never would have. 

Opportunities exist if we but open our eyes and ears to listen to the Spirit's prompting. 

What doesn't look like anything important just might be that which the Spirit uses to connect with someone.  

I too have dreams.  Some are beyond anything possible with my income or opportunity.  I like to invent buy have come to realize that I will never know if any of my intentions will work until I see Jesus and learn if they were possible. 

Jesus is with me all the time, but truth be told I often feel like I fail so much that I am an embarrassment to Him. 

I am loved by My Savior.  I am forever a Child of God.  My successes and failures will never define me like that statement does.  I long for friendships that last.  I struggle in beginning them.  

These are just some of my thoughts of today.  Thank you Jesus for loving me and making me a part of God’s family. Thank you for never leaving me alone. For always being a step ahead of what's going on in my life. Thank you for forgiveness of my sinful habits and ways. Thank you that are indeed coming again soon.  I love you Jesus!

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