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After the Grave...What's Next?

After the Grave...What's Next?

"“Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt.” DANIEL 12:2 

During the normal course of our busy lives, it is all too easy to neglect God and His Word. However, life—with its dangers and unknowns, with the questions that continually arise and decisions to be made, and with the inevitable losses and hurts—can make us acknowledge our need for Almighty God and look beyond ourselves to Him. Sadly, many people reach the end of their days having not done so. There is a hauntingly stark contrast between the passing of those who oppose God and those who trust in Him. The person who defies God can expect a lonely eternity of dark separation from the Giver of life and Forgiver of sins. God’s faithful children, however, can look forward to the welcoming embrace of their loving Lord and heavenly Father. Daniel 12:2 is the most unambiguous reference to the afterlife found in the Old Testament. (Isaiah 26:19 provides a less-specific example.) Scripture makes it clear: people who follow God are vindicated, and those who oppose Him are delivered into eternal punishment. What are you anticipating will happen at the end of your days?" - Blackaby Being Still with God 

It's an interestingly amazing thought about what comes next?

I am saddened by many who tend to add to the problems we face in this life by adding to the Word of God. By adding or removing or simply by ignorance of not understanding the things of God.

Salvation through Christ Jesus alone is what's essential to enter into His rest in Heaven.  

Many question the validity of people who weren't baptized as to whether or not their salvation was justified or even real. 

Many millions of people, in my interpretation of this, have indeed been saved even without baptism.  For millions of people there was no time nor ability to be baptized after coming to their need to be saved in Jesus Christ.  

Millions died in the battles of war in or around foxholes that were saved right there in the heat of battle.  Many individuals indeed have been saved on their deathbed in hospitals or wherever their last breath had been taken. 

I am also a believer in that the unborn are not condemned to Hell either. That indeed an age of accountability is relevant to the Scriptures.

But the great question is...what's next? 

It's useless arguments around what people try adding to the Word of God that cause many to turn away from Him.  

People sometimes try to split hairs over the version of the Bible is read.  People sometimes try to use the Word of God as an excuse to remain in a sinful lifestyle that clearly the Word of God has spoken against.  

Many even in Jesus's ministry had been commended by Jesus in their faith in Him.  Are we to believe that unless they found the Disciples who had later became the Apostles that their faith was in vain?  Hardly.  They who came to Jesus in whom trusted in Jesus were indeed saved. 

Soldiers in battle, people at deaths door, fast forward to during the 7 year Great Tribulation. Millions will die after professing their salvation in Christ. They will be martyrs. Beheaded and very likely wouldn't have been baptized. Yet the testimony of their decisions were recorded in the book of Revelation. 

Jesus, even by way of the reluctant admission of the Pharisees and Sadducees, declared the Word of God in truth.  Stop and think about that. Even these guys who hated Jesus so much they were out to kill Him admitting that He declared the Word of God in truth.  
Now search and read of the story of the Rich man and Lazarus.  Jesus telling all what had been real up until His crucifixion and resurrection.  Go to the Old Testament. When Samuel was called upon after he died by King Saul. The medium who did it was horrified because several truths were revealed to her. One was that all her prior times of supposedly speaking to the dead weren't real but likely were demons, the other was where Samuel came from.  Consider it also that the Lord permitted Samuel's rest in Paradise to be interrupted. When the medium saw where Samuel came from her eyes were momentarily opened.  God revealed quite clearly many things including Saul's identity. 

After the resurrection Paradise and all who were awaiting Christ Jesus to come, left with Him. There's no longer a place called Paradise.  To die in Christ is to find your soul in Heaven with Him.  Scripture says to that effect that to be separated from the body is to be present with the Lord.  Our physical bodies remain. 

For those who've come to Christ for salvation, it is as Jesus said...blessed are those who's names are written down in Heaven.  Many of the 70 He sent out heard this from Jesus. 

Baptism is not essential to salvation. It's a joyful celebration when possible to show your appreciation and affiliation with the Church of God, but isn't a requirement. 

It would be exceedingly horrific to be at Heaven's gates and be turned away because that wasn't accomplished.  

As one example, many thousands of former Muslims wake up dead after coming to Christ even in today's world. In their world to leave their religion to become a Christian is a death sentence. 

For me...I know that I am safe and secure in Christ Jesus. Whether or not I had been baptized I know that His finished work on the cross was all ANYONE needs to be saved. 

You need to be sure of your salvation in Christ Jesus. You need to honestly live like you're visiting Earth.  We who are in Christ have a job to do, a life to live, that points people to Jesus. 

For those reading this that aren't saved yet. Realize the testimony of those who even hated Jesus admitting that He spoke the truth about God. He came to seek and save the lost. His hope and prayers were to and still are to bring all to salvation in Him.

To die without salvation in Christ means eternity separated from God in painful torment, paying for your own sins.  Yes indeed God is a God of love, but realize as well that He is a Holy God who cannot leave sin undealt with. Sin cursed people cannot enter Heaven. The only cure for this is salvation through Jesus Christ alone. The cure required a perfect sacrifice and that was only through Jesus Christ on the cross. 

Where are you going to spend eternity?

Salvation is free to all who would receive it.  

Turning away from sin without salvation will get you nothing. You must place your faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone to cleanse you from all sin or its a life lived for nothing. Living a good life in your eyes will never let you see the light of Heaven. 

Salvation is a free, no strings attached, gift of God. As I shared previously, this world is the only Hell that those in Christ will ever see. This world is also the only Heaven those without Christ will ever see. That which the unbelieving cling to that they don't want to give up is the best they will ever see for all eternity.  

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