Friday, April 15, 2022

So Deep in the Darkness

So Deep in the Darkness...

"Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults . . . . Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer. PSALM 19:12, 14 

We’re like fish in water when it comes to our sins. Some of our sins are so much a part of us that we don’t even recognize them as sin, just as a fish doesn’t acknowledge the water that comprises its world. When our sin fades and blends in to the backdrop, it is all the more dangerous in its subtlety. Just because we have grown accustomed to our sin does not make it any less loathsome to God. God sees our sin; He knows what lies within the innermost recesses of our hearts. He is aware of our every thought whether or not we verbalize it. The psalmist knew he must deal with these issues—with the thoughts of his heart as well as with the words of his mouth prompted by those thoughts. And the psalmist knew he needed the Lord’s help to do so. God’s help is available to you too. Turn to Him. Let Him cleanse you from your “errors” and “secret faults” and make your words and thoughts acceptable in His sight. He already knows all about them. He stands ready to free you from them." Blackaby Being Still with God 

What do you think concerning the present world you live in?  

As Blackaby says in this particular devotional, fish have no concept of the environment they are in...well at least until they are removed from it. 

Are you at all considering the Spiritual world in which you also live, besides the physical world you live?

Do you think about what really matters to God?  Jesus taught the Disciples on how to view the world in regards to the Spiritual over the physical. 

We indeed should do the same. 

We need to pray for others for sure, but need to pray for ourselves as well that we aren't deceived in our lives concerning the Spiritual forces around us. 

Satan doesn't care by what degree he deceives people, he just wants to succeed in any degree of it. He knows the lessons that Jesus taught concerning seeds work, and if you look in the Scriptures you see evidence of this.  The tares among the wheat.  Satan knows how to distract with inconsequential arguments. Getting people to have lengthy debates over things that have no need to be discussed by Believers.  He loves to introduce circular arguments that waste time, wasted time that's better spent by Believers in regards to telling others about Jesus and the salvation that's only through Jesus. 

We can indeed be so focused on the wrong things Spiritually.  We indeed are workers in the fields of God.  We are here in those fields to do that which the owner of those fields directs us to.  We aren't to be consumed by when He might return over doing our best at what task is ours to accomplish. 

We read in the Gospels of the story told by Jesus of those entrusted with talents, or in our terms, money.  Two had an eye on investments and doing something with what they were given in order to please their Master.  One was so fixated on what might happen when he returns that he did nothing of value with what he was given. 

Some may think that it's worth talking about. I would rather be found by Him doing what He has for me to be doing. Debating in the open public about the things of God shows a house divided. It does no good before the unbelieving because the Scriptures say they can't understand the things of God because they are foreign to them.  

We should be aware of the darkness around us, but not be fixated on it.
We should be found by God doing useful things that He directed for us to be doing in His fields. Which is the Great Commission. The Church in Thessalonika was stirred up because people were coming in teaching that the day of the Lord had already come.  Even today people in the Church stir up others over this and that about Christ's return. 

Look at what occupies your mind.  If you aren't involved in what it is for you to be doing in the body, as the Spirit HAS directed you to be doing, then you are wasting your time and His. You're being a busy body rather than a worker in His fields. 

Jesus Christ IS coming soon. Regardless of things in this world in which you and I live, that's an inescapable truth. 

Jesus told us WHAT to be doing. 

We can either focus on the storm or remember who controls it. We can either be reaching others for Christ, as we are to be, or we can spin our wheels wasting the moment. 

We are to make the most of every single moment because the days are evil.  

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