Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Vine and Branches Declare the Fruit

The Vine and Branches Declare the Fruit 

We live in a world of increasingly "self identified" people.  

Jesus declared that we shall know people by their fruits. As to whether or not they belong to Christ or they don't. 

It stuck with me yesterday thinking about Jesus separating people at the Judgment. I am thinking now of the Rapture of the Church. 

At no point is a human being asked who or what they identified with. The only evaluation is whether or not you are in Christ or not.  

Those who are not, prior to the Rapture of the Church, will indeed spend their time in Hell paying for their own sins. Not celebrating, no endless supply of merriment. Suffering. We read in the story of the Rich man and Lazarus exactly what people who refuse salvation in Christ Jesus will receive and will go through. 

We cannot tell God which kind of fruit we will be.  We come to Christ and HE pardons sin and HE makes all things new. HE brings the dead to life and only He declares people His by their faith and trust in Him for salvation as testified by the Spirit of God. 

People in today's world are trying to declare their identity and are trying to force others not only to accept it, but make them declare their acceptance of it.

Countless trillions of people in Hell all believe they don't belong there. All think that their way was the right way. All don't think that their sin was indeed sin or that they deserve to be where they are.  Weeping and gnashing of teeth covers the responses of everyone there.  Think about that.  Countless trillions of people and only two significant responses from them. Weeping people because they had lived such deceived lives.  Lived lives that were entirely self-centered and self-serving. Lived lived they thought were good lives. Lived lives that they believed deserved a better afterlife.  Then there are those so hung up on themselves that they yet still shake a fist at God from their torment in Hell.  They rage at their choice of lifestyle not measuring up to God’s desires.  That they shouldn't be where they are. 

Fast forward...oh wait we don't have to.  People today don't see the lines being drawn in the sand between the believers and the unbelieving.  So-called churches are indeed fostering false prophets and false teachers in the name of inclusion and diversity.  So the lies of Satan continue to gain the professing Church. Everything the early Church was warned about we see if indeed we have eyes to see. 

We will know them by their fruits.  We won't need to judge others. We will have the discernment of God if we are indeed walking in the light of Jesus to be able to know.

We are to be that indiscriminate light. 

That is an excellent way to SEE this.  The light of Jesus is extremely and exactly indiscriminate. It is the revealed truth of God to all who are exposed by it. forward...the Church, the Bride of Christ that she is, is taken out of the way at the end of the age of the Gentiles. At the end of 1007 years, the 7 year Great Tribulation plus the Thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on this Earth, we see Jesus separating people.  Those who came to Christ for salvation during that time and those who didn't. We see NOBODY being asked who's side they were on. 

Jesus knows far more about you, far more than you think He does. Considerably more than Satan knows about you. 

Jesus declared to fear the one who has the power to destroy both body and soul. Matthew 10:28 NASB "And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

People today aren't holding back on revealing their ugly sin nature. They are proving the need and reasons why God indeed must judge and must put an end to sin. Identified as anything but what God designed them to be, physically or mentally, they shake a fist at their Creator. They rage at Him before they see Him in Judgment. People who live lives to please themselves and don't realize they condemn themselves before a Holy God by their words and actions. 

No Church should be watering down the Word of God. 
No Believer in Christ should be telling others that a life of sin is acceptable to God. 
No Believer should ever declare what God has established in His Word as unnecessary. 

We who are in Christ are to reflect the indiscriminate unchanging light of Jesus Christ to this world.  That Light that reveals everything. What is revealed by the Light is what it is. Either showing fruits that are in Christ or fruits that are not. 

Jesus will never ask what kind you are.
Jesus will never agree with anyone in that what they have chosen in life is ok if it doesn't align with God's Word. 
Jesus will never acknowledge an identity that anyone chooses outside of them being saved in Christ or not saved in Christ. 
Jesus will reveal Himself to either be a person's Savior or their Judge. You either have your sins washed away by His shed blood for the forgiveness of your sins or you don't.  

He will know you. He DOES know you.

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