Saturday, June 17, 2023

Are You Blind?

Are You Blind?
by David Brenneman 

One of my favorite things in life is to be on the lookout for things happening in this world that confirm the things written in the Bible. 

I love looking for fossil rocks. Each a testimony to the Genesis Flood.  I look for the modern that explains some of what John tried to explain in the book of Revelation.  I look for the modern that explains what was written in Ezekiel and Daniel.  

The truths of God are indeed being revealed before our very eyes, as long as we are not intentionally being blind to them.   Many many Christians are being taught to be blind to those things that Jesus said to be on the alert about. 

Many Christians in various professions are not pointing people towards Jesus.  They consider success in employment, success in this or that, in even health, as more important.  There are and have been people who were and are solid Godly men and women who, by all worldly appearances, failed at life.   They care not at what the world offers nor are they interested in success as the world defines it.  Regardless of how the world or other Believers treat them, what the Spirit teaches and says means more to them.

We live in a world that pushed selfishness on a scale unprecedented because the advancement of technology and even medical sciences.  Psychological research is twisted and perverted to enhance selfishness.  People are even taught by other Christians to embrace varying degrees of selfishness.  Oh the blindness. 

We indeed, if we have come to Christ for salvation, are to have eyes that see.  We are to have eyes that look for those things we were told in advance to be on the lookout for.   It wasn't a suggestion. These were commanded by God through the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the Apostles, Prophets and others in the Bible. 

If you aren't making it a steady habit of being in the Bible, how would you ever know what to be on the alert about?

If you aren't seeking first His kingdom and His would you know what that is all about?   

Everything from jobs to health are expendable in light of eternity.  Focusing on your physical health more than your Spiritual is foolishness.  The Bible says that there is a way that seems right to a man but it's end is the way of death.  Proverbs 14:12.  Would you have known this if you weren't reading it right now?

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33. Would you have known those words, thoughts and ideas before reading them right now?

Jesus even had something to say about eating.  The stomach is for food and food for the stomach but both won't be needed in the next life after this one.  1 Corinthians 6:13. 

There nothing more important to the life of the Believer than to have a right relationship with Jesus Christ.  That right relationship will not come in what the world offers or sees as successful or right or true.  The world will see the firm Believer in Christ Jesus as a threat.  Because it does not know Jesus.  The life of a Believer, as lived as the Bible teaches, will be among those who storm the gates of Hell to pull people out. 

In the Bible we read that the weapons of our warfare aren't in this world.  That our battles in daily life are not against flesh and blood.  This too is in the Bible.  

Would you have known these things had you not read them today?  

Prayer is a fundamental thing to go with reading your Bible.  Do you do it?  It's not about you giving God a list of things you want.  Confessing your sins is a part of that before asking for anything.  When was the last time you confessed your sins and asked Jesus to forgive you?  

Diets and eating habits annoy me to no end.  In this time in my life I honestly hate how I have to eat in order to keep physical things from happening to me.  But I know, from the Bible, this is but temporary.  It is also something that I need not and should not focus on.  My relationship with Jesus is never going to be wrapped up in things that I eat or don't eat.  Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  This world expends billions per year on programs and medical treatments concerning eating. 

A right relationship with Jesus can and does do more to help a person eat right than anything anyone comes up with apart from God. 

Mental health is also spoken of in the Bible.  Did you know that?  A right relationship with Jesus deals with emotional scars and pain.  Healing comes from a right relationship with Jesus.  A mind set on Jesus finds life to be more than the mere trappings we live in between our ears. 

We need a right relationship with Jesus to live a life that honors all that Jesus went through to save us.  We live for Him for all He's done for us.  

Your relationship with Jesus Christ will be what's reviewed in the giving an account of our lives before Jesus.  Not how well you ate, not on how well you lived successfully, not on how much you did for you.  

We are supposed to be the light of Jesus Christ in this world.  If we are blind, then even we won't see that light.  If our light of Christ is hidden under the things of this world, then others will never see, through our lives, to their need for salvation in Jesus.

What are those priorities in your life that need changing in order to see clearly?
What needs to go from your thinking that isn't helping you to grow in Christ?

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