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What Satan Cannot Do and What to Be Aware of

What Satan Cannot Do and What to Be Aware of 
by David Brenneman 

The Scriptures say that at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Satan was defeated.  Yet here we are a few thousand years later and he seems to still be at his typical self. 

The word of God hasn't failed has it?  By no means!  Read the rest of the story.  

Jesus isn't willing that any should perish but that all would come to repentance and be saved.  There's also an additional element.  Scripture says that every person will be without excuse when standing before Jesus.  Which means every possible excuse will have been covered to disprove that any way of mankind's thinking would equal the Father’s plan that required salvation in Christ Jesus alone.

Satan's the manipulator of mankind.  I have come to really understand that if we see the world embracing something en-masse, be very very careful.  

When core thoughts of God about your identity are under attack, there's good reason why.  Satan doesn't at all like what God has established in Christ Jesus.  Our identity is the primary point of attack. 

He knows that those who are solid in their identity in Christ won't easily be fooled.  

He also knows how to do many things to sidetrack Believers and how to keep the unbelieving from understanding that Jesus seeks to save them too.  We as Believers introduce people to Jesus, only Jesus saves, we do not save anyone.  

Satan cannot read the minds of Believers because the Spirit is in each who are saved. He can, however, use circumstances and situations to try to influence our behavior by twisting our thoughts and feelings.  

Satan's restricted by our Savior Jesus Christ in what he's allowed to do towards us.   God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that we might walk in them.  Satan has to get permission to do.  It's not just the book of Job that shows this but it's in the Gospels.  "Peter, Satan's requested to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you" is one way it's written.  

Satan's not creative.  He only uses on humanity what works. 

Satan's also restricted to the Word of God. 
He cannot jump ahead of or alter any prophecies of God.  He cannot go beyond them.  

Is Satan a defeated foe?  By all means, yes.  But we must claim that victory in Christ Jesus. That's where he lost. 

Jesus is indeed returning to receive to Himself His sheep.  Those that have heard and do hear His voice.  Really think on that.  When Jesus does return His cry to everyone, the living and the dead will only be heard by those who were and are His sheep.  We read through the Gospels too quickly sometimes and miss the real life examples of the sheep who heard Him and those who didn't.  Find the passages where the Father speaks and only some heard and understood.  Some thought it was thunder.  Jesus clarified by stating that the voice was for their benefit (and ours).

We can easily be distracted by our sense of right and wrong.  By what we want and desire rather than what the Spirit is directing us towards in growing in Christ.

People and forces in this world are intentionally dumbing down the population at large to make them obedient to the global leader to come during the Great Tribulation.  By way of the chemicals in our foods to chemicals in medicine, to how the medical field is permitted to work.  To social situations and the pitting of one group against another.  What's interesting is the evidence and essentially the confession of historical figures backs up these statements. It's easily looked up if people would be interested in knowing. 

Smoke and mirrors to keep people from finding that only a life truly lived is lived in a right relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Satan's not wanting what God wants. 
Satan's wanting the worship of mankind to be towards himself.  He wants the Throne of God.  

If life is indeed valuable to God, he will twist, distort, and kill to keep people from learning the value in the eyes of God that it is.

He will pervert everything he can to keep people from knowing the truth of how deep the love of God is for humanity.  

The helmet of salvation is to protect the mind. The breastplate of righteousness is to cover the vital organs.  The shield of faith works hand in hand with the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.  Block with the shield the attacks of Satan and wield the Sword to attack and defend. The Bible says of itself that it's sharper than any two-edged sword able to divide everything down to the soul and spirit.  Satan cannot defend against the word of God when it's properly used.

He hates it when people pray. He knows how to get people to pray selfish prayers. He really hates silent prayers.  He hates when we pray as we ought to because he knows that Jesus hears.  

He sends many of his minions to fight the answers to prayer. Read Daniel. 

Arm yourself with right information on living the Christian life.  Pray that God would show you what He has in mind for your life, not your plans but His to be done in and through you.  

Pray that you keep that Ephesians 6 armor on at all times.  Nobody in a battle in any corner of this world goes into battle without preparation. 

Know your enemy but be careful in what you learn.  You don't fight him on his turf. You don't fight him using his rules.  He really wants you to think you don't need reinforcements.  

Pray without ceasing is there to keep you and I in communication with the One who can handle him.

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