Friday, June 9, 2023

What You Leave Behind, What is in Store Ahead

What You Leave Behind, What is in Store Ahead 
by David Brenneman 

Yesterday I was reading of the final prayer and words Jesus spoke to His 11 Disciples.  It was certainly God's timing in that I had just reread of the ways that the Disciples died.  What Jesus said of them indeed came to pass. Those who killed them in all those various ways thought indeed that they were giving service to God.  

But all of them are safe in Heaven in this present moment.  Their exit from this world may have been intense, but none ever were denied entry into Heaven. 

All left a legacy that has lasted generations and the centuries since.  

When we all get to Heaven, those who have placed our faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation, what will be our reception?  It's where our treasure is supposed to be right?  What is the treasure of Heaven but the people that Jesus died for?  Do you realize this?  

What we do in this here and this now is to either be cultivating the spiritual soil that others have planted seeds in or we are weeding that ground, or it just may be that we are present when someone is convicted enough to turn their lives over to Jesus Christ and receive salvation.  We do not save any, only Jesus saves.  It doesn't say that it's Jesus and you or I are the Way, the Truth and the Life.  

I have had someone tell me what they thought my legacy is.  Whatever it is isn't what I focus on.  My purpose in this here and this now is to be more than a just a hearer of the Word, but a doer.  I have a purpose to fulfill in Christ Jesus.  As a lesson I remember from a few decades ago once said, we need to simply dare to be an Andrew.  Andrew was one of the Disciples. Andrew loved bringing people to Jesus. Jesus took it from there.  

That's what we are to be doing.  Bringing people to Jesus and let Jesus take it from there. This is storing up our treasures in Heaven.  We know not who will or won't come to Christ. We know not the importance of a gesture, a word, an inaction, will do to bring someone to see their need for salvation in Jesus.  

I don't know about you, but my first day in Heaven, after I finally get to embrace Jesus, is to see what kind of difference I made to point people to Jesus. 

Our lives will either be spent indulging ourselves, others, or in living for Jesus. 

If indeed you are saved, is your life showing it?

It's possible to be saved and still be selfish.  Jesus said some will get to Heaven alright but just barely because while sealed in the Spirit, they had no fruits to show for it. When their lives were put on the altar and the flames rose up, nothing was left. 

I read a somewhat thought provoking story of a man who died and went to Heaven. As he entered it got painfully quiet.  He saw all kinds of people he recognized. He couldn't figure out how those people made it to Heaven.  He gets to Jesus and asks what's this all about.  He remembers those people.  He asks why it is so quiet. Jesus explains that they are all silent because none of them expected to see him.

In Heaven there's much rejoicing over one who turns their life over to Jesus to be saved.  I am not one who subscribes to the thoughts that people in Heaven can see us here on Earth.  That is an attribute of God to be able to see into time.  I believe it's angels who get to announce new Believers. Angels were the ones to announce to the shepherds about Jesus. 

We who are in Christ Jesus have a day coming when we all will be in Heaven.  Those who are not will not.  If indeed you have not placed your faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation, my Dear Reader, you will never see Heaven.  If you knew people who did, you will probably never see them again.  

Our treasure in Heaven, that moth and rust cannot destroy, is the only truly valuable thing to the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit.  It's people.  

Will people be silent at seeing you arrive  or will you find rejoicing?   We who are in Christ are supposed to live life in such a way that people see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.  The world ought to know us by our faith, love, and conduct.  

We read that we are workers in His fields. Are you doing any work in those fields?
Is the light of Jesus Christ shining through your life?  

Many will get to Heaven expecting big things and find next to nothing. 
Many will get to Heaven expecting next to nothing but will find much much more than they ever expected. 

Are you living as a faithful worker in Christ Jesus or are you riding the fence between trying to satisfy yourself and satisfy Jesus?  Or have you the thought that you're saved, and are living however you want?  That last one comes with consequences.  

If indeed you are saved, what kind of reception will you find in Heaven?  Will you suddenly be ashamed of your life or will your thoughts be that you gave Him your all?

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