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God That Can't be Right

God That Can't be Right 
by David Brenneman 

When our speech transitions to more about what we've been through and what we can't take anymore, we begin to doubt the path that God's got us on and we begin to look for other voices to tell us what we want to hear. 

Many in the Bible had hard, difficult, lives after coming to Christ. It was promised, guaranteed, to happen to them.  Those in Christ Jesus who are saved have a relentlessly enemy who, although he must seek permission, is intent on disrupting the lives of Believers and towards the keeping of others from finding the faith.

We will face battles in this life after coming to Christ for salvation.  If we weren't, we wouldn't be told to suit up. To put on the whole armor of God. We wouldn't need those types of weapons for the warfare that we are and will be engaged in.

We are to seek peace with all men but that isn't a way of saying to compromise.  It isn't our becoming pacifists.   It means that some times it's not going to happen.

We are told that we battle not against flesh and blood.  We are in a Spiritual battle against spiritual forces.  Peace may not be for us to enjoy as the world sees it or describes it.   It's peace that Jesus describes that matters.

Jesus was always living life on the battlefield when fulfilling His Father's life for Him.  Look deeper at His life and ministry.  He was pretty much attacked daily.  Several times a day at times.  He taught His Disciples to often get away to regroup, recharge, and prepare for the next one. 

We aren't to seek peace as the world gives it.  Peace that Satan offers, which IS what the world offers, is a trap.  It's bait to turn us from God's Word.  Many people have been walking strong with Jesus have been sidetracked and derailed in the faith.  Some taking other Believers with them.  Having been deceived they feel a false sense of relief and encourage others to follow.  That's when and where you start hearing of the I-itis. I did this, I did that. It was my idea that we went this way.  God is left out...and that too is a clue.  

We are to really understand this armor we have been given and to utilize it properly. 

We are to be in constant contact with the source of our power in Christ Jesus daily.  Throughout the day.  We are to not just stand there taking blow after blow to the body, but to hold up the shield of faith. We are to be wielding the Sword of the Spirit in the way that the Spirit wants it used.  We aren't to keep taking blows to the head and doing nothing about it.  The armor of God is meant to be more than adequate to fight the Spiritual forces we will face.  In fact it's meant to be more than a match for them. 

Are you not knowing that you are in training to use this armor?  

I look back at David and Goliath.  King Saul had David try on armor in order to face Goliath. David couldn't walk in it and took it off.  It didn't fit.  

The armor we have in Christ Jesus is an exact fit to us, to our Spiritual body, to this here this now in human history.  It's a perfect fit for you. It is a perfect fit for me.  But we must be trained to use it properly. 

We read in the Bible of being in a soldiers life.  We are ever ready for the battle ahead by preparing for it.  We are not to be distracted by the day to day affairs that would take our focus off the battle.  Jesus was always ready for everyone who opposed Him. 

But what about enjoying life?  Jesus did too but, His obedience to His Father was more important to Him.  I have often thought that in His times of solitude that His creation came to visit Him.  None of His creatures that He created feared Him.

We are always going to be tempted with things and with the worldly social pressures for acceptance.   We need to have this or that because it will boost our image.  We must eat this or that if we want people to think this or that about us or themselves.  We must wear these clothes to be thought of as successful.  We must protest this, accept that, in order to gain social acceptance and thereby peace as the world gives it.  

Truth be known, if it's man-made it's going to disappoint you.  Eventually it's going to fail.  Everything made by mankind doesn't last because it's sin cursed.  It all comes back around to Spiritual matters.  

We come to Christ not to escape this world but to become more like Christ. We come to Christ to be saved, yes, but also to not stay the way we were. We are not to conform to this world anymore.  We are to live lives that point people to Jesus.  That's what the Bible teaches.  

I care not for worldly success in what the world deems important.  I am not a soldier in the cause of the world. I am a soldier in the cause of Christ Jesus.  I am to seek a life that pleases the One in whom I am in service to, which again is Jesus.  

When we choose a path that isn't from God we are putting ourselves intentionally in harms way.  When we intentionally choose a path that we feel is more right for us than the one that the Spirit has us on, we are in grave danger.  It will appear all peaceful and very nice but it's still a trap. 

We may indeed face harsh people every day, but the truth is our God is greater. 
We may face critical people all the day long, but the truth is our God is greater. 
We may face all kinds of things, the truth is our God is greater. 

Now for the part you're probably not aware of.

We may face wonders that amaze us and we want them, but the truth is our God is greater.
We may be offered this opportunity or that that is guaranteed to make life better, but the truth is our God is greater.

Life isn't what our eyes see or our ears hear. Life is in Christ Jesus.  Life is going to have us face unpleasant things in order to make us more like Christ. Our God is greater.  Life may be appearing to be endless struggles and strife, but our God is greater.  

We are also placed in the body of Christ as the Spirit sees fit.   This is to say that in this here this now we have a specific, special, job to complete in Christ Jesus. As Paul wrote, if you are an ear in Christ Jesus, be the best ear you can be.  If another part of the body, be the best you can be. Don't be thinking that you can be better as a different part of the body.  

Jesus Christ needs you to be who you were created to be.  If you were a man called to be a leader in the Church, then that's who you are. God doesn't make mistakes.  If you were called to service, then be the best you can be in serving. God doesn't make mistakes.  The Spirit placed you where you ought to be in the body to do the work of God.  God doesn't make mistakes.  People constantly walk away from their calling in Christ Jesus to their own detriment.  They look successful in their own eyes and the eyes of the world, but they unknowingly are failing Christ. They even think they are now doing what they are in serving Christ...but they aren't.  Jesus spoke of many doing things in His name.  Some were unbelievers still others were Believers. 

We are always going to be tempted to take off the armor of God. 

We are always going to be tempted to follow people who in truth are not following God themselves.  

People in this world today are trying to rewrite the Bible to fit today's society.  Creating positions in the Church that Biblically are not right or true to God's Word.  Many are shipwrecked in the faith because they sought their will to be done and not the will of God.  Many have walked away from their true calling in Christ Jesus to be successful in the eyes of this world. 

Our God doesn't make mistakes. 
Our God is to be the Leader of our lives. 
He is the Great Shepherd. He leads we follow. We do not run ahead of Him.  We do not compromise on His Word. We do not run from what He's doing in our lives.  Jonah is a prime example.  We may never know why our lives were filled with difficulties, Job is a prime example.  

We are promised to never be alone in what we do face.  So while our lives may not be what we want, our God makes no mistakes.  Pray for whatever reinforcements you need to accomplish whatever it is God's put in front of you to do.  Don't run from the battle.  Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world. 

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