Wednesday, June 14, 2023

It's Not for Us To Pick and Choose

It's Not for Us To Pick and Choose 
by David Brenneman 

With our lives not being our own, that indeed the Bible says that we have been bought with a price--the blood of Jesus Christ--it only follows that we owe our obedience to Him. 

We live in a world that perpetuates self living.  To be focused on self for every reason imaginable. 

The work of the Spirit in us is towards our sanctification in Christ Jesus.  Ours is to strive for the same thing.  

Our identity is wrapped up in who Believers are in Christ Jesus.  

A soldier is wrapped up in that identity and serves those in whom he or she is enlisted to.

A doctor is wrapped up in that identity and is to serve mankind for the same reason.

Yet there are those in Christ Jesus not attempting to live up to their identity in Christ.  Would that be you?

Are your priorities: God first, spouse second and everyone else third?  

By spouse, it is as the Bible defines marriage, not as the world defines it.  God is the God of truth in Jesus Christ.  What He said 8,000 years ago is as true today as it was back when first stated. 

What all we are therefore commanded to do, as the Spirit leads and teaches, we are to do. We are to place the highest priority on obedience.  These indeed are the deeds done in our bodies that we will give an account of.

So many are sucked into varying degrees of selfishness.  Even having been deceived into thinking they are serving God by their actions.  When we neglect our calling in Christ Jesus to supposedly obey God, that is still disobedience.   Satan loves to twist the Bible to fit his agenda.  He proved that with Jesus in the wilderness. 

Add to this, we are warned by the Spirit that in the last days people would be lovers of self.  In this we look into the professing Church.  Look at the supposed churches today and the evidence is plain that selfishness is rampant.

We look to social media and see people obsessed with self.  We see people who would rather promote self or a company rather than their relationship with Jesus or to tell others about their need for salvation in Christ.  They promote a lifestyle devoid of their own supposed relationship with Jesus.  Their lack of testimony becomes their testimony. 

When people read about your life do they know that Jesus is really important to you?  

When people look at your life, as it's lived out in front of them, do they know that Jesus means something to you?

We read in the Great Commission that they were instructed to go, make disciples and what?  Teach them to do all that I commanded.  What would the coming Spirit do?  Teach us all things.  

It's not on any to create a version of Heaven here on Earth. 

In Christ, as placed in the body of Christ as the Spirit sees fit for each Believer, we have a responsibility to follow Jesus with all our heart, mind, soul and spirit.  To love as Jesus loved us.  Not love as the world defines love. The world does not know nor can it understand what love truly is apart from a right relationship with Jesus Christ. The world redefines sinful attraction as love.  The Bible says quite clearly to beware of those who call good evil and evil as good.

To an outsider, would they see Jesus as being important to you?

Or would an on-the-spot description of you be of your interests in what you surrounded yourself with from this world?  

The Bible doesn't need to change with the times.  The Bible was written FOR these times.

Our lives reflect who we are obeying.
We either obey Christ and it shows or we obey self and it shows. Jesus said you can't do both.  

Picking and choosing isn't a part of obedience in Christ Jesus.  

But what? You will miss out on this or that in life?  A big reminder: eternity is a lot longer than the mere moments you will spend on this planet.  What you will be doing throughout eternity is exponentially greater than anything you see, or do in this world.  This world is going to be obliterated after the final judgment.  A new Heavens and a new Earth are coming. 

Listening to the Spirit and what He is teaching me is more important than anything the world says is important. 

Many people don't get it that if they want the blessings of God it comes by way of their obedience to God.  

Love God with everything, love people as God loves us, repeat.  Love not the world nor the things of this world...isn't a suggestion or even a strong hint. It's a command.  Going back to the Great Commission...teaching them to do all that I commanded.  

So many people who are even professing Christians are avoiding other Christians. They are not even treating those in the body of Christ as they ought to.  They don't live lives that are different from the world because they fear people more than they fear God.  They live for the world without acknowledging it.  

First, be sure of your salvation in Christ Jesus. 
Second, trust and obey.  Lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.  

Be the light in this world that Believers in Christ Jesus are supposed to be.  

As the children's song goes...hide it under a basket? No! 

Choose to fully obey. 
Choose to fully live as the Spirit needs you to live.  In Christ HE decides your function in the body, not me, not you.  
He has a work to accomplish in you. Trust and obey. 

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