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In His Image, Not Ours

In His Image, Not Ours
by David Brenneman 

If you watch commercials, drive down a road and observe the signs advertising this or's your image of your life that those people want to change. They're wanting to inflate your ego. Some are overt others extremely subtle. But the reality is they're trying to use products and services to influence your sin nature to draw you farther away from God. Until Jesus returns and takes back the title deed of ruling this world from Satan, Satan's calling most of the shots with regards to humanity. He cannot step a toe outside of the will of God for humanity with regards to the Word of God but oh how he loves to try to push that envelope. 

Satan's schemes involve inflating your view of your life in ways that subtly draw you away from God's plan for you.  

We come to Christ and not only receive the free gift of salvation, we receive new Spiritual clothes to wear. We get cleaned up from our sins that dirtied us so. We put off the old self and stand in the new clothes, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. A whole new image created in Christ Jesus. God looks at the Believer and sees Jesus, not the sin that Jesus died for.

Oh the billions spent every day with regards to self image. From makeup to coffee. From suits to smart casual wear. Haircuts, fingernails, tattoos, etc. all to get people's attention concerning our image. Some go to the lengths of useless surgeries to create a new image. Then sink into deep depression because their new image didn't come with the adoration and joy that they thought would be there.

When someone comes to Christ for salvation...old things are passed away, behold new things have come. The new starts within since that's where the sin was doing its damage.  

When we inflate our egos we are certainly not lifting up ourselves but rather are inviting our sin nature to reclaim the parts of out life that belong to Christ. Jesus said to deny ourselves to take up our own cross and follow Him.  

Jesus is why I am alive today. 
Jesus is why whats in my life is in my life today.
Jesus loved me enough to die for me, taking my sin upon Himself, the least I can do is live for Jesus.
Jesus is the forgiver of my sin. Jesus is the Lord of my life. 

Jesus's work that He began in me the day salvation came was to restore me to that image of God that was supposed to be...not the one that sin tried to claim and make into its own image.

Many refer to humanity as the image-bearer's of God. It it entirely true. Read the beginning of the book of Genesis. Jesus was talking to the Father and the Spirit about creating man in their own image. 

It's extremely sad to see people destroying what God meant for them to be physically. When Christ comes and after all the 1,007 years of time left to humanity is over...every single person's glorified body will be exactly what God said it was to be. Every single person who went through a sex change who dies without Christ as their Lord and Savior wakes up in Hell a split second later exactly as they were before anything was done to them physically. Before anyone thinks otherwise...people who are truly in Christ wouldn't be going through such surgeries.  

Jesus's plans for each person's life is to create in them a clean heart. A life that's His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that we might walk in them. A life that trusts in the Lord with all their heart and does not lean on their own understanding, that in all their ways acknowledges Him and whose paths He makes straight. One that loves the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and spirit. One who's being transformed day by day into the character of Christ Jesus.

These posts of recent days about how we love, who we love, why we love...are to point everyone to the truth...Jesus has far far more in mind for our lives that we cannot know until we surrender it all to Him.

We cannot love the world nor the things of this world and love Jesus too. We must love Jesus more. We must cast off everything that's trying to get us to draw us away from His plan for us.

We aren't to love anything or anyone more than we do Jesus. In my life, My Savior comes first, my Wife second, myself third and everyone else after that. We pray together every morning before I leave. 

The more I live the more I realize the truth of letting go. We cannot hold onto our own understanding and grasp the understanding that the Spirit is trying to teach us too.

We are created in Christ Jesus for good works that we might walk in them. We are a new creature in Christ after coming to Christ for salvation. He begins our sanctification when we come to Christ. It begins and will be completed when we leave this world either in death or His return but it WILL be completed. 

Are you more concerned about your self image more than you are how Jesus looks at you?

Are you more interested in your job, your desires, your entertainment than you are what the Spirit wants you to know about your Savior Jesus Christ?

Are you wanting for you what Jesus wants for you? 

Who's image is more important to you?

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.

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