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The Open Door

The Open Door
by David Brenneman 

Our world is heading for one location and it's not a paradise of man's making.  

For those who've put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation...our next step is into His presence.  Our name forever etched into His hands.  Written forever in the Lamb's book of Life.  Forever to be with Jesus. 

For those who reject the free gift of salvation...torment is in your future, certainly nothing near to what people dream of a paradise being.  In Isaiah the Lord Jesus had it written that torment awaits such people in Isaiah.  Everyone not having been sealed by the Spirit in passing from this life immediately wake up in that promised torment. 

Jesus gave a very powerful and clear depiction of Hell.  Yet in the ensuing years people still try to water that down, to make it a symbolism. 

Jesus came at the behest of the Father to seek and save the lost.  Not willing that any should perish but that all would come to Him for salvation. To perish is to forever be banished from the presence of God in Christ Jesus. To forever be paying for the sins everyone is born with that Jesus is the only solution to. 

As was written in the New Testament as it's been leading up to today...people mock God and decry the return of Jesus.  They claim they don't see Him in this world and deny His existence.  They mock His promise of returning by saying all is as it has been.  This too is written in the Bible. 

My Dear Reader Jesus is being patient about returning. He's not wanting anyone to reject Him although billions and billions have. 

Consider that the chasm that is Hell easily swallowed up the 6 to 10 billion people at the Genesis Flood, and still has had room for billions since. 

Jesus bore all the painful torment due a sinner on the cross to the practically infinite power.  Every sin by every single human who would ever lived or would live. The sheer intensity of the pain He experienced will never be known by anyone.  

He did it because, my Dear Friend, He loves you.

All the dirtiness that you've committed in sin and all that you're not even aware of that was sin, plus the fact that you were born in sin.

Jesus took on the full wrath of God His own Father on that cross. 

We read of the wrath of God in the book of Revelation, what Jesus experienced was far worse.  

Abraham is probably the only divinely appointed person to have an incling of an idea of what that might have been like.  He bound his own son, put him on an alter.  Raised a knife to slay him and was stopped.  His firm belief was that even should his life be taken he believed in the possibility of a resurrection.  Jesus firmly believed in His own resurrection. That indeed the authority given to Him by the Father to lay down His life that He might take it up again after the cross...was an absolute truth. 

The absolute truth is you, my Dear Reader, need a Savior who is Christ Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  You need His free gift of salvation.  You cannot write your own name into His book of Life. The Spirit writes it using the very blood of Jesus Christ. All names are written in the blood of Jesus in that book.

Without the Spirit testifying that you belong to Christ Jesus, you will spend eternity in painful torment away from the presence of Jesus Christ. At first its the place called Hell.  After the final judgment, Hell is cast into the lake of fire. 

Nobody is having a party in Hell.
Nobody is sitting around in a jail cell in Hell. 
People there right now are right now paying for their own sins.

Time is running out. The Father fixed a day Jesus would return to gather His Church to Himself. He would grant glorified bodies as He promised to all who have believed in Him for salvation.  

The devastation coming will be capitalized on by evil world leaders. 

Lies will be said to convince people of what has happened.  Lies to cover up the truth of what's coming. 

Jesus wants a full, real, relationship with you. 

Will you open the door to your heart today?  He will not force His way in.

He's waiting for you...

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.

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