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What...Actually Matters as Much as Why

What...Actually Matters, Just as Much as Why
by David Brenneman 

Our what's in life matter just as much as our why's in life.

What we do. What we make choices for or about. What is in our lives and what is not. What we elevate and what we put out of our minds.  Why we do each of those things comes after identifying the what. 

You choose to either make time in God's Word a necessity or you choose to not do it.  You choose to either think of it as the Spirit does or you think of it the way that the world does.  You choose to put things or places or people as more important than what God says is important or you choose Jesus.   

You have choice in your hands.

Your indecision is a decision as well.  When Jesus says that everyone will be without excuse...that does in fact mean everyone.  Indecision is a choice to not choose immediately.  In 1 Kings 18:21 Elijah called out the people of Israel. "Elijah came near to all the people and said, How long will you halt and limp between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him! But if Baal, then follow him."

You, my Dear Reader are being called out.  

You either are taking what the Spirit is doing in your life seriously or you are treating His work as optional or unnecessary.  You either are all in or you're going back and forth between obedience or not.  The Disciples remained after some hard teaching and many stopped following all because of commitment.  The 12 asked where could they go? He, Jesus, had the words of life. 

Do you "find time" for Jesus or do you intentionally make time?  Do you regurgitate the same prayers over and over with no real heart emotions behind them?   You DO realize that Jesus called out the Pharisees and Sadducees for that?

Have you committed to this life in Christ that He's committed to work out in you?  Jesus already, always, is all in towards your growing in Christ.  His workmanship is going to progress.  How well it progresses and how difficult the work is going to be is entirely up to you.  Disobedience brings repeated trips back to the same lessons.  Lessons build on lessons so until you get it by the Spirit's standards you'll keep repeating.  

Taking up your own cross is not as remotely as easy as it sounds. 

Seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness isn't as easy as it sounds to stay consistent at.

We don't even recognize when we've potentially set up idols in our lives.  We don't even recognize when we brush aside the time we committed to be with Jesus when someone or something catches our attention.

I might lose some sleep but I committed to not going to bed before reading my Bible and whatever additional book that the Spirit is having me read. 

I get up at the same early time each day because that's when Jesus said He would meet me to write what you've been reading.  During my day I am learning to be ready to listen to people when they're talking.  If a name or face comes to mind I take it as a prompt to pray.  

What we've done or not done in our bodies for Jesus will be very evident one day soon.  Why we did or didn't will also be revealed.  

Review Hebrews 11.  By faith we can do whatever God puts before us to be doing. By faith we have eyes to see and ears to hear.  By faith we have the opportunity and energy to obey.  

Take time today to look at what you have going on in your life. What you're intentionally including in your life.  What you're intentionally leaving out of your life. 

What are you doing to take up that cross to follow Jesus?  

Before you run into today or this week...make sure that where you think you are going is where Jesus is taking you.  

The Christian life isn't just for those in Church leadership.  It's not just for Deacons, Deaconesses, Elders/Pastors (of which there are no women preachers).  We do not place ourselves in the body of Christ where we think we ought to be.  Scripture says that the Spirit places each one in the body of Christ as He sees fit.  

Are you going to be like the 12 or the others that walked away?  Are you going to love Jesus more than your relationship to your sins?  Are you going to choose Jesus rather than the world?  

Your what matters just as much as your why.

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.

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