Thursday, March 19, 2020

Faith and Grace

His faith grew stronger. Romans 4:20 NLT 

Christian, take good care of your faith. Remember, it is only through faith that you can obtain blessings. If we want blessings from God, nothing but faith can bring them down to us. Prayer can’t draw answers from God’s throne, unless it is the earnest prayer of the person who believes. Faith is the angelic messenger between our souls and the Lord Jesus in glory. If that angel is gone, we can neither send up prayers nor receive answers. Faith is a cable that links earth and heaven. Along that cable, God’s messages of love fly so fast that He answers before we even call—while we are still speaking He responds. But if that cable of faith is snapped, how can we receive the promise? Am I in trouble? I can get help for my trouble by faith. Am I beaten down by the enemy? My soul leans on its Refuge by faith. But take faith away, and I call to God in vain. There is no road between my soul and heaven. But in the deepest wintertime, faith becomes a road on which the horses of prayer can travel (and they travel quickly because of the biting frost). Blockade this road of faith, though, and how can we communicate with the great King? Faith links me with divinity. Faith clothes me with the power of God. Faith engages the omnipotence of Jehovah on my side. Faith promises every attribute of God for my defense. It helps me to defy the hosts of hell. It allows me to march in triumph over my enemies. But without faith how can I receive anything from the Lord? An uncertain person—who is like a wave of the sea—should never expect to receive anything from God! So, Christian, watch your faith carefully. With faith, however poor you are, you can win all things. Without faith, you can obtain nothing. “Anything is possible if a person believes” (Mark 9:23 NLT). - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8 When you relate to God you always deal with abundance, for God does nothing in half measures! This is true regarding His grace. The Lord is not miserly when it comes to providing grace to His servants. When you seek to perform a good work that God has asked you to do, you will always find an ample supply of God's grace to sustain you. If you begin to lose heart in the work you are doing, God's grace upholds you and gives you the love for God and His people you require in order to continue. When you face criticism and are misunderstood, God's grace enables you to forgive your accusers and to sense God's pleasure even when others do not understand what you are doing. When you make mistakes in the work God has appointed you to do, God's grace forgives you, sets you back on your feet, and gives you strength to continue the work. When you complete the task God gave you and no one expresses thanks for what you have done, the Father's grace surrounds you, and He reminds you that you have a heavenly reward where everything you have done in the Lord's service will be remembered. God does not promise to provide all you need for your dreams and projects. He does assure you that, for every good work you attempt, you will never face a shortfall of His grace in order to successfully complete the task God has given you. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Seems that God feels we need to hear from both of these today.  My dear reader, when He speaks...listen. 

Time goes quickly or slowly only when based on your state of mind.  If you find the work of your hands enjoyable seems like it flys. Yet the opposite seems true when the task seems to be more menial. Mundane. 

In whatever you do in word or deed do all to the glory of God.  As the Scriptures say. 

My life is replete with instances of obedience and disobedience.  As I am sure yours is too.  There's parts of the Bible that refer to refining silver. Referring to the purifying of a person through God's direction.   Some today have referred to it as gold under fire.  The point really is that a believer is being refined.  That which is precious to Christ is refined by Christ. 

Jesus went through what He did in His earthly life and death to pave the way for mankind to be saved.  He went through the refiners fire.  He now sits at the right hand of God the Father as the mediator between God and man.  

He also is at work in the lives of every believer.  There are the small things He changes an then there are times when it's an all out surgery.  What keeps a believer going is faith.  What causes us not to be consumed in the process is grace.

Grace is unmerited favor.  Nothing done, said or thought by the recipient is taken into account towards worthiness to receive it.  It's all on Jesus to bestow it.

Coupled with faith, grace goes farther, it's strength multiplied, it's distance stretched farther than anyone or anything could ever do or imagine on their own.  

In these times we live today the fire under everyone has been turned up.  Reading between the lines of what Government officials say every day it's looking for a silver lining to the dark clouds of coronavirus.  Looking for the positive side of people in this.  

My friend, wherever you are today, when all is said and done, your life will be impacted by what is going around the world. 

The fire under each soul is being brought up to smelting temperature.  Impurities are being brought to the surface.  God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Including this.

Look at this virus from a Spiritual perspective.  Idolatry is being affected. The murder of babies is being affected. Things that people have prayed for concerning mankind have been affected.  

It's also showing who has true faith in God and who does not.  Looking at another example from Scripture...the separation of the wheat from the tares.  

As one Church put on their sign out in front of their building. If you don't like how life is now if you are left behind at the Rapture you're certainly not going to like it then.

Faith and Grace get believers through the roughest of times.  It's how we still smile in the midst of adversity.  It's how we deal with life.  Many millions out there, probably billions, have no relationship with Jesus.  They truly are isolated and alone.  They have only their faith in their government to look to through all of this.  I have my God with me at all times. I have Jesus because He first loved me.  He died for me, paved the way to save me.  He loves me and stands with me in everything going on in life.  He forgave my sins, gave me a heart filled with His life.  He can do all that for you.  The next part is the best part. He promised never to leave me or forsake me.  Doesn't matter what kind of quarantine, I always have a visitor. He holds me, tells me He loves me and promises He is coming back soon. Then I will be with Him always.  

Can the same be said of you? Are all the things you do not have today worth more than knowing you won't spend eternity in Hell?  Are they worth more than knowing you can no longer be alone right now?

People exhibit faith at all times.  Including atheists.  It's what the person believes in their heart to be true about their lives.  I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. That He was born of a virgin. Lived a sinless life. Was beaten, scourged, nailed to a cross. To pay the price for my sin and the sins of mankind.  He arose 3 days later, victorious over sin, death and the grave.  He now sits at the right hand of God the Father.  He is coming back soon.

Some put their faith into thinking they are good people.  Not deserving of any penalty of sin.   That's not what God says. 

Some deny God's existence.  They refuse to admit there's a God.  God says the world testifies to the reality of Him.

Some hate the God of the Bible.  Hate His chosen people.  Hate all that Israel stands for.  God calls them beloved.  Regardless of how they have been towards Him. His commitment to them has never changed. 

Faith only works with Grace.  Those who believe as the true Church does, anticipate His return.  They have the promises and peace of God in all situations. Including this.  Prayer only requires a believer to pick up the phone of faith and pour out their hearts to Him. He is always there.  No busy signal. No voicemail. 

Where are you today?  Either it will be this pandemic or another, Jesus Christ is going to be coming back. Governments will use whatever excuse works to cover the facts of millions of people vanishing.  

Are you ready?  The Bible says that in the twinkling of an eye the Rapture will happen.  There will be no time to say "No! Wait for me!"  Jesus said you know not at what hour He is coming.  When His Father says it's time, then, it will be time. 

Faith, Grace and Mercy.  Mercy?  Oh yes. Can't forget Mercy.  Mercy is a believer not receiving what they do deserve.  God handles that too. 

My friend, before you close this session out.  Ask yourself do you really know Jesus? Is He your Savior?  If you are not sure.  Google or search for Romans Road to Salvation.  Be sure.

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